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So I'd figure with all these blue view point stories coming out, I'd even the playing field. So this is just a story I threw together today and if people like it, I might keep it up. :Based on FC battle facts. i.e. Delta Facility was attacked, that'd be in the story.

Shout out to Opocopter for the peer reading.

Prologue: Time. All an AI has in this universe is time. With the empires new acquiring and understanding of Forerunner technology, AIs have been able to have a life span of 10 years now instead of the old 7. I’m technically only a year old, but one year to an AI seems like forever. As a smart AI, I have the power to access and understand data much faster than any human could possibly even attempt. I could… I should, use my abilities for the advancement of the human race. Decrypting Forerunner materials, building plans for better energy sources, anything to improve ourselves. But, no. Humanity will always resort back to its violent past. Sticks and stones evolved into arrows and swords, which evolved into muskets and pistols. Technology can and will always be better than it was before, but for what true purpose? I should be helping humanity, but in a way, I already am. I’m just helping them continue on their bloodthirsty past humanity knows all too well. My name is Erica, and I’m here to save you all. . .

Chapter 1: (2 years earlier) "Believe your beliefs and doubt your doubts."
~ F. F. Bosworth

Imperial Training Grounds #2-7B
Maj. Gen. Jordan Thomas
“24 years old? How the hell did I ever get into High Command?” Kicking up his feet upon his desk, Maj. Gen. Thomas enjoyed his quick glass of whiskey, savoring every drop knowing he’d have to go outside and put on his happy-friendly face for all the new recruits; wearing the standard Imperial Officer fatigues and going through the recruit’s files just as if it was another day on the job.

“You know, you shouldn’t drink before giving your speech.” Said an ominous voice. “It clouds your judgment.”
Thomas knew right away it was Erica; his newly appointed personal AI. She popped up on his desk with her bright, yellow, translucent color radiating off of her virtual body. All AIs picked their own visual appearance, and Erica was no exception. She was very understanding of her role, thus making her appearance fitting. With this in mind, she wore a lab coat fixed over the regular army fatigues which added a nice touch of her curiosity for research, while keeping in mind her wartime duties.
“Didn’t know I needed judgment to say ‘hey, don’t die’.” Responded Thomas

“Ever encouraging I see.”

“Yeah, well, enthusiasm runs its course quickly.”

“I would’ve thought you’d be ecstatic, given our recent percentiles. Imperial military directives are finally coming back positive for the first time on Reach.”

“Yeah, but that doesn’t answer any questions.”
“You’re referring to their overall presence this time? Or is this some new thought?”
“Oh, please. Hold the bullshit for me, will ya? Rebels haven’t fought this hard for any other planet. They were successful against the first three campaigns we fought them. I’ve been a soldier long enough to know you only fight that hard for something you need to win for.”
“Well of course, the Brotherhood has a long list of their own ideals. Reach is a very important militaristic planet and I’m sure they would consider it a major victory.”
“Hmmmm, nope. Don’t buy that. Not yet at least. What about the Breakpoint Research facility? They obviously knew that-“
He stopped when he heard the door open. Erica immediately disappeared and of course, Thomas hid his whiskey. It was 1st Lt. Bazonga.

“Sir.” he said “The recruits just landed. We’re waiting for your mark.”
“Uh, Yeah… Okay. Um, tell ‘em I’ll be out in a sec.” Replied Thomas.
Give a speech to new recruits and thrust them into an attack plan? Whose grand fuckin’ idea was this?

Chapter 2 "Some people spend an entire lifetime wondering if they made a difference. The Marines don't have that problem."
~ President Ronald Reagan.
Imperial Training Grounds #2-7B
Rct. Reece Smith
“What the fuck am I doing here Dalton?” Asked Reece. “I don’t give a fuck about the Empire.”
“Neither do I, but the pay’s too good to be true.” Said Dalton, jokingly.
“Yeah, as long as we don’t die.” replied Reece.
“As long as I don’t die. Don’t worry, I’ll spend your cut the way you’d want it
Dalton. But it was true… I guess the Empire really does care about keeping Reach. After all, posters were literally everywhere about enlistment… 5k in cR every 2 weeks sounds pretty damn good to me at least… double if sent on any offensives. If I can get paid to sit by a door and guard it, instead of being a dumbass busboy… It might be boring but who the hell cares?”
“Thomas is here” reminded Dalton. “Suppose to give some kinda heartly speech.”
“*pffft* Like anyone here gives a damn.” Replied Reece.
Truth was, I did give a damn. After Dalton and I got thrown out of that bar for sneaking in, anyone would’ve just walked all over us. But not Jordan. He bought us drinks, even though we’re both just 19. Didn’t even try to push us into joining his army… Just thought, “The two of you looked like you needed a drink… and so do I.” It was actually pretty damn awesome to be able to say that a nobody like me got free drinks from a high ranking Imperial Officer.
“Listen up, and listen good”
Great, the ‘Amazing Lt.’ to grace us with his presence again.
“You all get a special treat.” He continued. “Major General Thomas has agreed to say a view words to you all. Now I shouldn’t need to remind you that he is to be treated with the utmost respect. Any other word out of anyone of you, and I’d be happy to sit my ass on the ‘ole warthog and do a few laps around the Canyon. Understood?”
“Sir, yes sir!” the recruits said in unison.
As the Maj. Gen. came out, just like in procedure, Reece snapped to attention. As did all the other recruits.
“At ease.” Maj. Gen. Thomas said at first. “Many of you are here for different reasons. Frankly, I don’t care what they are. At the conclusion of this bootcamp, you’ll be divided up into different platoons and assigned your rank, but don’t be too proud of yourselves yet. About 1,000 miles down this mountain range is a series of Imperial bases. We call it ‘Delta Facility’. Now, in about 2 hours, Delta Facility will be attacked by a full scale Brotherhood offensive. Ignoring the fact that Delta is an Imperial base and we really don’t like losing ground… If the Rebel attack is successful… they have a straight shot at a temple that is considered sacred ground to the Sangheili. I’m sure 4 out of 5 of you don’t give a rats ass but if temple is even considered a target by Rebels, then I’m gonna be neck deep in alien complaints. Every one of you is going to Delta. For those that come back, I’ll see that you each get 11k in cR. 1,000 more than you’d get if you were talking to anyone else. Whatever the hell you have to do, just get the fucking job done. Dismissed.”
“Alright, you heard the man! Grab your gear, report to your nearest sergeant and get your assignments!” Yelled Bazonga.

Chapter 3 “Fortune favors the prepared mind.”
~ Louis Pasteur
Imperial Training Grounds #2-7B
Maj. Gen. Jordan Thomas
“Disagreement.” Said Erica.
“Over what exactly?” asked Thomas
“The Rebel’s motives. It seems much more feasible to consider the fact that one of our supply lines runs straight through Delta Facility.”
“Sometimes…” replied Thomas “The more feasible thing isn’t always the right thing.”
“Are we labeling that ‘human intuition’ sir?”
“You can label that ‘Jordan peers into the future’ for all I care, Erica.”
Thomas couldn’t even pour himself another drink before there were knocks at his door. It was Lt. Bazonga.
“Sir?” Asked Bazonga.
“Yeah, come in.” Answered Thomas. “I’ve known you for two campaigns Bazonga… You don’t have to call me sir.”
“Fair enough… Can I ask you a question?”
“Depends on the answer bud.”
“What are we doing right?” asked Bazonga. “We spent 3 campaigns on Reach trying to keep this planet REDD. 3 attempts… 3 failures. It doesn’t seem right to me that we’re just suddenly doing great now.”
“Wish I knew Lt. I really do.”
“You mean… you don’t know?”
“Bazonga, all anyone wants is for the Rebel attacks to stop. For people to have homes again without having a dozen Imperial troopers on their ass telling ‘em what to do... I don’t believe that for a second.”
“So you think there’s some other reason like I do.”
“I’m saying, that I honestly don’t know… But yes… some things don’t add up.”
“If I may cut in this dance,” Interrupted Erica “but sir, I’ve just received a message from General Fuzzy.”
“My blood’s boiling from anticipation, Erica. Lay it on me.” replied Thomas.
“Yes, well, he’s instructing me to inform you that he is at the helm on the defense of Delta and offense of Pivot.”
“Pivot, sir?” Interrupted Bazonga.
“High Com believes that if we can take Pivot, the troops at Warhorse will be completely cut off. Starve ‘em or some shit. Saves me bullets… So, whatever.” Answered Thomas.
“According to the General’s orders, Bazonga and his group are to lead 1/3 of the defensive forces stockpiled on Delta.” Ordered Erica.
“Yes ma’am. Won’t let them keep a foot on it.” Answered Bazonga. “What about you sir?”
“Oh me?” replied Thomas “Oh, I don’t know… Thought I’d go grab my gun and try out the whole ‘not dying’ thing again... It’s worked so far.”
“The attack on Pivot isn’t to happen until enough forces have been wiped out on Delta.” Instructed Erica.
“Cool.” Replied Thomas. “Recruits get extra pay and I get to give ‘em a show. How’s my armor Erica?”
“Prepped. Wouldn’t hurt for a good dust down, though…”
“That’s why you’re the AI and not the maid babe.” Said Thomas as he got up off his desk. “Well, I guess we should get going. Bazonga, get the falcons and pelicans revved up.”
“Yes sir.”
“Erica, upload to my HUD.”
“Already transferring...”
“Good. Let’s go kick some ass then...”

Chapter 4 “War is hell.”
~ William Tecumseh Sherman

En-route to Delta
Pvt. Reece Smith
I could hear their Sgt. discuss landing logistics with the pilot. I couldn’t make much of it besides something about the “first wave”.
“Yo, Dalton. Sounds like we’re going in first.”
“Yeah, but if you get me killed, I swear I’m haunting you.” Replied Dalton.
“Love to see you try bitch!” said Reece jokingly.
“Hey, you two mind?” said one of the new privates. “I’d like peace and quiet now before I get shot at.”
“Sorry, I forgot you were a soldier.” Replied Reece. “I promise not to keep you up, mom.”
“Nice to see you fine men getting acquainted.”
That was the Sgt. He was decked out in full ODST armor, completely red with white stripes. His helmet was off, so you could see his face. Full 5 ‘O clock shadow with his hair worn longer than most soldiers he’s seen. Pure black, with bright green eyes and a facial expression that showed as if he almost hadn’t a single care in the world.
“Get it all out, I guess. We got a job to do.” He said
“What exactly is our job, sir?” Asked Dalton.
“We’re gonna land somewhere behind the bases’ fuselage. Landing pads are all choked up. After that, whatever Lt. Bazonga needs done… We’ll do it.”
“3 minutes out.” Yelled the pilot. It sounded almost as if she was a girl. Sure enough, she was. “Get to know each other real well.”
“Don’t mind the babysitter.” Said the Sgt. “Gotta point though. I’m Sgt. Sterling. Call me sir if you want, doesn’t really matter to me.”
“Harding.” Dalton said speaking up. “Dalton Harding.”
“Alright.” Said Sterling. “The bitchy one here today is PFC Burns. Pilot’s Rodriguez. One of the best pilots this side of the galaxy.”
“Only when you boys keep my baby from blowin’ up.” Replied Rodriguez.
“Mother told me never to piss off a woman. What about you?” Sterling said pointing at Reece.
“Smith. Burns always gonna whine like that?”
“He’s our engineer. Gets skittish once in a while.” Sterling said with a smirk.
“Hey, I was the head project designer at one of Reach’s top solar power plants. Now look at me. Told to hack a door while getting shot at. Excuse me for my noncooperation.” Shot back Burns.
“30 seconds!” Yelled Rodriguez.
At that moment, I looked out the rear window of the pelican, and Thomas wasn’t kidding. Shit, the Rebels were going on a full scale offensive here. A short comb over of the battle, all I could see was explosions, vehicles, death. Not even the sky was a safe place. Falcons getting shot down… Troops from both sides landing on the ground... Reminded me almost of D-Day in the Earth wars I’d learned a few years back in history class. It was obvious when they doubled the cR for offensives, but the reality didn’t snap in until now.
“Shit…” The only word that could come out of his mouth to describe his thoughts.
“That’s nothing.” Said Sterling reassuringly. “Fighting used to be a shit ton worse. As shitty as it is, you’ll get used to it.”
As we touched down outside Delta’s main facility, another pelican came and landed next to ours from the west. The other half of his squad, Sterling called it. A full intro would have to wait apparently. I guess we were already late for our briefing. As we walked down the long hallways of the base, we stopped at what I guessed was the briefing room. And who of all people could be waiting for us?
“Great.” Said Reece under his breath. “Bazonga again.”
“Ten-hut!” Snapped Sterling as he and the rest of the soldier gave the Lt. a unison salute.
“As you were.” Ordered Bazonga. “Gentlemen, today is your lucky day. I got the order from Major General Thomas a few minutes ago to take two teams as reinforcements on the front lines. He also said he’d need one team to do something a bit more special for him. I’ve chosen your squad, Sterling, to feel a bit more special today.”
“Even if we have to assassinate a high ranking Rebel leader, we’ll get it done, sir.” Sterling offered.
“I’m sure you don’t have to do that,” Ensured Bazonga. “But he did say when I had all three teams ready to call him on his comm. system. Sterling, if you could have your men wait outside, we’ll get this briefing under way…”

Chapter 5 Desperation is sometimes as powerful an inspirer as genius.
~ Benjamin Disraeli
Frontlines of Delta Facility
Maj. Gen. Jordan Thomas
Thomas couldn’t even think before yet another explosion shook him up. Damn! It was another warthog taken out by that lucky son of a bitch in that wraith. The Rebel warthogs and squadrons fired straight shots. Even their soldiers weren’t close enough to lob a grenade. But a wraith was different and really sucked. Wraiths are artillery vehicles, shooting their plasma bolts at an arch that could go over the rocks used as Imperial cover. Another explosion, this one resulting in no causalities, but close enough to Thomas for the blast radius to send him smashing into the side of the rocks with a hard ‘thud’.
“God fucking dammit!” cursed Thomas. “That thing is really starting to piss me off!”
“Sir, I suggest a full retreat.” Interrupted Erica. “We don’t have the fire power for the enemy wraith.”
“We fallback, they take all these rocks and we’ll never be able to flush ‘em out.” Refused Thomas.
“Then I suggest you do something very quick. AIs can still technically die you know.”
That part was true at least. Shit was hitting the fan faster than diarrhea at a buffet. Thomas need a plan, fast. Easiest way to take down a wraith was up close, but with the rebel’s turrets, that was a shit plan. Or was it?
“Captain? Captain!” yelled Thomas.
“Yeah, hold on!” Yelled back.
Out from behind another damn rock crawled out Captain Harry, decked out in full ODST armor. You could tell it was Harry. He was the only Resistance member that Thomas could think that was missing his right arm. Harry slid down the hill and landed right next to Thomas.
“You called?” asked Harry.
“How much ammo is left in that hog over there?”
“Hold on. Lavos? You readin me?”
“Yeah, little busy here Cap.” Lavos said crackling over the radio.
“Get un-busy. How much ammo you got left?”
“Uh. Three boxes sir.”
“Empty it all out.” Said Thomas.
“Ugh, sir?” Questioned Harry.
“Empty out the ammunition and get your man off the warthog.”
“Sir, I have Lt. Bazonga requesting a comm channel.” Interrupted Erica.
“Just do it Captain. Open up the comms Erica.”

_________________________ _________________________ _________________________ ________

Delta Facility F.O.B.
Sgt. Joseph Sterling
Being a soldier. Now that’s not an easy thing to do. Sure, you get medals and commendations, but what do you really get out of it? Not a damn useful thing. I guess I’m just worrying more about those two new recruits. First day on any other job, you can ease into that. These kids are just teenagers, getting dropped in a hotspot. Damn wars.
“Sterling?” Snapped Bazonga.
“You okay?”
“Yeah, I’m fine. Just eager to get this mission done, sir.”
Sterling noticed the surprisingly small briefing room. Taking away its size, this place was filled with safety and comfort. The walls looked meters thick and the seats we cushioned leather. The whole room was covered in a dark blue lighting. Funny how a fuckin war is going on outside this home theatre. Comfort comes with ranks, I guess. Just then, a yellow AI filled the room with a dark yellow color. For an AI, she was actually quite beautiful.
“Erica, I’ve got my three teams on standby.” Said Bazonga.
Apparently they knew each other.
“Perfect. I’ll get the Major Gen. on the com link now.”
The yellow AI figure disappeared and the dark yellow turned into a dark blue from the video uplink, which I could only guess was from the camera inside Major General’s helmet.
“General Thomas? This is Lt. Bazonga, can you hear me clearly?”
“I don’t know, put it somewhere safe…”
“Lt. If the General is busy we can get our orders from you.” Suggested Sterling.
“Ha, my ass Harry. What? Oh, Com link. Right.”
“We can hear you sir.” Brought up Bazonga generously.
“Erica, give me some video.” Ordered General. “Ah, that’s better. Is your team ready Bazong?”
“Got three of them at the ready, sir.”
“Great. Okay, listen. Major Silko needs to round up men to begin the assault on Pivot. We need a subtraction of our forces on the front. I need your two to be their replacements. Understood?”
“Yes, sir.” Said Bazonga. “What about my third? You asked for three teams.”
“Third team’s gonna take care of a problem we’re gonna have soon.”
“Sir?” Said Bazonga not understanding.
“There’s a tunnel that leads right next to the main base. We believe there’s a small group of rebels forces planning a flank. Lt., I need that team to take some explosives and-“
Suddenly, the vid feed went static. Same with the audio. Normally in those situations, you’d have to expect the worse. I didn’t know the General, but that doesn’t mean death should catch up to anyone.
“Sgt!” Yelled Bazonga. “We’ll have to go on that much. Round up your squad and bring that tunnel down on their fucking faces.”
“Yes, sir.” Saluted Sterling.

Chapter 6 Adventure is just bad planning.
~ Roald Amundsen
Maj. Gen. Thomas
“Jordan? Jordan!”
Ah. That bittersweet taste in my mouth? Guessing that’d be my own blood. Thrown on another god damn rock, bleeding on another god damn battle, because of a fucking piece of shit god damn wraith!
“Harry, warthog?” Thomas said over the comms.
“Warthogs good to go sir.”
“Jordan,” Interrupted Erica. “I strongly recommend at least a few seconds to get your barrings.”
“Me here. Wraith there. Whoever’s in that thing, that prick better die fast.”
Truth was, I didn’t actually have a plan. The best thing that warthog will give me is getting past the turrets.
So Thomas put his assault rifle on his back, pistol on his holster, and started walking over to the warthog.
Ok, no big deal. I’d have to go at least 50 mph to avoid the turret fire. That’d be too fast for the wraith to get off a shot. Of course, that wraiths gravity boost would be a bitch. Ah….the boost.
“Sir, may I suggest to hold out until air support arrives” Asked Erica.
“Negativo on that Erica. I gotta plan now.”
“Can I start breathing again or is this one of your usual ideas?”
“Might have to rain check that.”
Thomas climbed into the driver seat of the warthog, turned the ignition, and gave the hog a nice pet down on the dashboard.
“Come on baby. I need ya on this one.”
The accelerated hit the floor, the tires spiraled in the dirt before the hog jerked out in front of their cover and headed straight toward the wraith. The turrets instantly spotted the darting hog and opened fire. Bullets ricocheting off the body of the hog, Thomas sped up, barreling directly at the wraith. At that moment, the wraith faced the warthog and went at him too. A game of chicken. Perfect.
This is a shit plan, this is a shit plan. Thought Thomas over and over again. Yet, what he counted on happened. The wraith boosted toward the hog. Thomas lept out of the driver seat and jumped on top of the hog, grabbing a hold of the gun to keep his balance. The wraith boosted and crashed into the hog, flipping it airborne. Time almost seemed to go slower than usual. Thomas felled off the hog and landed back first over the cover of the wraiths cockpit, bouncing off in pain. The bounce sent Thomas in air, only able to grab the wraiths main cannon in a last second effort. Thomas took a second to steady himself, then dropped down onto the wraiths rear armor. If Thomas was gonna make a move, it was now.
Thomas primed a frag grenade a punched it inside the wraiths rear gravity accelerate unit; a wraiths most vulnerable spot. As the next second went by, Thomas jumped off the wraith just before the grenade went off, sending him tumbling into the side of a small ditch. All Thomas found the strength to do was lie down and smirk at the sight of that wraith finally blowing himself up instead of soldiers.
“That,” Spoke Erica. “was ultimate one of the stupidest decisions ever made.”
“Ha. Oh, ow. Shit. Yeah, that hurt, but that was fun.”
“Freeze!” Yelled a voice.
As Thomas laid back down in relaxation, a whole squad of rebel soldiers came from the other side of the hill, all directing their rifles at Thomas.
“Well, shit…”

Chapter 7 Civilization began the first time an angry person cast a word instead of a rock.
Sigmund Freud
Outside Main F.O.B.
Pvt. Reece Smith
The 3 warthogs, one transport and two turrets, finally stopped outside the entrance of a large cave. Our orders: To neutralize all Rebel forces attempting to flank through this cave. Bullshit. Why the hell can’t we just pop the top right here and go catch some sleep?
Meh. I didn’t really matter I guess. I still haven’t even met the rest of the team besides Sir Bitch ‘O Lot Burns and Sterling.
“Alright, everyone listen up.” Shouted Sterling. “We got what we believe to be around a platoon of Rebs inside this cave tryin to flank us. It’s gonna take some time, but we got some explosives here meant to ruin the fuck out of their day.”
“How long is it gonna take, Sarge?” Asked a soldier.
“Given the size of the entrance,” answered Burns. “I’d say about 15 minutes. Well enough time for some unwelcomed company to show up and shit on our work.”
“Which is why a small team is gonna go in that cave and make sure everything stays quiet until we get the explosives primed.” Explained Sterling.
“Go in the cave, sit on our asses?” Said another soldier. “Sounds good to me sir.”
“Yeah, I’d bet. So, Crenshaw will take Button, Elleman, McKean, and Smith. Burns, you and Spencer can take the other recruit, what was it, Harding? Yeah, you take Harding and get these damn bombs up. I need to go back to Bazonga. He’s been paging me a lot lately. Understood? Good. Let’s blow shit up then.”
So the five soldiers starting slowly creeping into the large, dark cave. Seemingly filled with emptiness. Before a minute could go by, the light was almost entirely gone.
“Fuck.” Whispered Smith. “I can’t see shit.”
“Ever heard of night vision?” Said Elleman. “They invented it a couple years ago. Really life changing.”
“Jeff, I’ll always hate you.” Said Crenshaw. “Keep your eyes open guys. And rook, you really should read the manual on your armor. It’s not standard shit they probably gave you at BC.”
“Wait!” Yelled Button. “Do you guys hear that?”
Everyone stopped moving and Smith heard what sounded almost like the faint sound of a hog in the distance.
“The caves acoustics could make that a few feet and a mile, sir.” Informed McKean.
“Right. Elleman, Button, go right. McKean and Smith, you guys go left with me.”
As they set up in their positions, the sound got louder and louder. Until the sight of twelve warthogs came into sight. All in a group and a neat row. The place was crawling with rebels in no time at all. McKean grabbed a nade off his belt and almost pulled the pin before Crenshaw said something.
“McKean, no. Not yet. Burns, ETA on the bombs?”
“You’re fuckin with me right?” Said Burns over the radio. “We barely just started.”
“Oh dandy. Because twelve hogs didn’t just show up.” Radioed Elleman. “ I know they’re blue, but hey, maybe they’re just undercover!”
“Ok, how much longer?” Asked Crenshaw.
“Don’t know what to tell you guys. You’re lookin at max, a ten minute wait.”
“You have got to be fucking kidding me Henry! These bastards are not gonna sit here and tweedle their dicks for ten minutes while you jury-rig this place.” Yelled Crenshaw.
“Hey! The most I can do is 9 minutes. Wanna push that back more?”
“Just get the job done! Guys, we’re gonna have to stall them.”
“So we hold a dozen hog guns with rocks?” Asked Button.
“Maybe not. You still got your sniper Button?” Asked Crenshaw.
“Yeah. I mean, we were going into a cave so I didn’t think I’d have to grab much ammo.”
“Well, how much you got?”
“Three bullets.”
“You didn’t even grab a full mag!?”
“What? It’s a cave. Who snipes in an open area?”
“Whatever, just set up back there more. We’ll try to move up. Smith and McKean, you two stay here and wait for my signal. Elleman, move up.”
“Hey McKean. Ugh, what’s the signal?” Asked Reece
“Probably an explosion.” Answered McKean.
“Alright, Burns. Update on explosives.”
“All I need is two minutes.”
“Button, you set?”
“All good sir.”
“Alright, listen up. When I say now, me and Elleman throw our nades. Button, see that hog in the back?”
“Can you get a clear shot on its fuel silage?”
“Hold on….Yeah, I can make that happen.”
“Good. As soon as those nades go off, you pop the shot and blow that shit up. Smith, McKean, we’ll need covering fire, then we hit the ground running. Harding, you readin me?”
“Loud n’ clear sir.”
“I want you on that turret, just in case.”
“Can do Sir.”
“Alright.3….2….1…NOW !”
Crenshaw and Elleman’s grenades arched behind two rocks and took out a few rebels. Button’s sniper shot hit perfectly against the hull of the warthog, and blew it sky high. Everything seemed so perfect and exact, then it hit me. This is my first real battle. I watched it all go down smoothly, but I also saw the rest of them ready their weapons. I wouldn’t of known what to do if McKean hadn’t yelled at me to shoot. Hell, I was just reacting. Going through the motions. I didn’t even start out aiming, just random sprays of bullets, hoping to hit someone and ruin their day.
“Let’s go! Run!” Yelled Crenshaw.
Even as I turned around and starting running, I could hear the bullets bouncing off the walls of the cave. McKean tossed a grenade behind him and for a moment, the bullets stopped. Long enough for me to run my ass off at least.
I turned around once we were outside the cave, hoping to see something. I don’t know what I was expecting. All I felt was a sharp, great pain in my arm and my only instinct was to fall down. What I get for not paying attention I guess. I could hear my heartbeat going absolutely nuts, probably just from the shock though. What I do remember was looking at the cave long enough to see the whole thing burst into a large explosions and crumble down, crushing a few rebel soldiers.
I can get paid and the job got done. Not a bad first day on the job. Shit, I think I might actually start liking this. . .

Chapter 8
17: 33
Maj. Gen. Jordan Thomas
Out of bullets, surrounded by six rebel soldiers, and armed with only one grenade. What a situation.
“Don’t move!” Yelled on of the rebels.
“Son, I’m in full Spartan gear and you just saw me take out a tank with my hands. Do I have to say try me?” Asked Thomas.
“I wouldn’t exactly say that you could go anyone.” Suggested one of the rebels, a female by the guess.
I was always good at getting out of these, I knew exactly what I had to do. . .
“Good point Miss?”
“Ma’am will do just fine.”
“Okay. Well, ma’am, I don’t have to say how valuable a member of the Imperial High Com would be to the Brotherhood.”
“Really?” Asked another Soldier. “Wh-what’s your rank?”
“I think that’s where an interrogation would come in. . .”
“Mendenz,” Ordered the female rebel. “Cuff this bastard.”
Two soldiers approached Thomas. One with his gun holstered, pulling out his handcuffs. The other, DMR pointed right at Thomas’ head. A bit more organized than the last time this happened.
“Turn around and put your hands behind your back.” Instructed one soldier.
So I did. I was cooperative. He grabbed my right arm and started to try to cuff me. If there was a time, it was now.
Swinging my head back as fast and as hard as I could, I head butted him with my helmet on and quickly turned to deal with the guy that had a gun in my face. With my left hand, I lowered his gun. With my right; punched him in the jaw. He spun around as I caught him and was able to grab his gun, setting the sights on the rest of the group.
“Hold your fire!” Yelled the girl.
“You shaved 1.357 seconds off your record.” Informed Erica.
“Hmmm. Situations changed a bit, didn’t it?” Said Thomas
“You want a medal?” Asked the girl. “I only have bullets.”
Aggression in negotiation has the greatest potential when used at just the right time. ‘Aggressive when necessary’, Erica called it. I believe the situation called.
A quick look at the soldier I’d punched, I may have broken his jaw. Rapidly, yet precise, I placed one shot in his leg.
“What the fuck!” Cried out a soldier.
“So here’s deal,” Said Thomas. “you’re gonna turn your back and I’m gonna walk away.”
“No dice.” Said the girl.
Aggressive when necessary might turn into desperation if I’m not careful. Yet, I do need out right now. Might as well go round 2.
Another pop of the rebels rifle. This time, into the leg of the soldier I was holding.
“Care to rethink?” Asked Thomas.
“Fine!” Yelled the girl. “Just stop this….What do you want?”
“I’m gonna walk back to the base and you’ll come with me.”
“I’m not letting you take us all hostage for your damn questions.”
“Not ‘us’, just you.”
“Rethink ma’am. You have two wounded soldiers and you’re army is losing this battle. Only a matter of time for retreat.”
It seemed like a long time of silence. I did have the upper hand in this negotiation. The gunfire in the distance started dying down faster and faster. You could tell the battle was drawing it’s last breath, just before the Empire would bring home the victory. Judging on her face, the girl realized this too. There was a certain “plus” when you were wearing a helmet. Hiding your face means hiding all facial expressions. Which definitely comes in handy at times like this.
“I see you have a med-kit on you.” Said the girl finally. “I’ll come with you if you give it to them and you promise to let them go peacefully.”
“Deal.” Said Thomas. “Walk over here slowly and make the switch. And drop your weapons too.”
“We’ll need the weapons.”
I pressed the DMR from pointing at them to pressing it hard against the soldiers’ head I was holding. Aggressiveness was working, no sense in stopping now.
“Pile your guns over there.” Ordered Thomas.
“Alright, fine. Do as he says.”
“Harry,” Thomas said over the comms. “bring a hog over here. I have a prisoner.”
“Oh that’s really sweet, sir!” Said Harry. “It’s nice to know that you’re making up for blowing up our warthog.”
“Well then just bring a small set of troops.”
“We’re already on route.”
After a few minutes of gathering the rebels up and giving them their new med-kit, Harry and a handful of troops.
“You captured an entire squad?” Asked Harry.
“Negativo, buddy.” Replied Thomas. “I made a deal with them. They walk away, we keep the girl.”
“Is that wise sir?”
“Oh we’ll find out. We’ll find out. . .”

Chapter 9
Location Unknown
Time Unknown
Lt. Mikayla Hukil
How the hell did I let this happen? Worick trusted me. Those men trusted me. This is all my fault! I couldn’t protect dad, I couldn’t protect the farm, and now, I couldn’t even protect the Brotherhood. I’m nothing but a failure.
But it wasn’t too late. I know what’s gonna happen. They wanna interrogate me. They want information about us. So I can redeem myself by giving them shit. Although, it was getting hard. It was three days after the failed attack on Delta and they deprived me of food and water. But I know better. That’s just there tactics. I won’t give in. I won’t give up!
They brought me in a room. It was dark and had two lights on two of the walls. One way window, no escape route; this was definitely an interrogation room. But being handcuffed to the table and having two guards guarding the only door made any choice of my own free will a bit hard. But all my thoughts were interrupted by a knocking on the door. A guy walked in. He was dressed in regular fatigues but the guards kept looking at him weird. Like he wasn’t supposed to be here. Yet, he obviously could see how he just walked in. He was holding something. Looked like food on a plate and some type of liquid.
“Where’s the keys to her cuffs?” Asked the guy.
“I have them.” Replied the guard. “But sir. Do you really think-“
“Just give ‘em to me and you guys can go.”
“Just go. Shut off all cameras and close that window. And yes, that’s an order.”
I knew that voice!
“So.” I said. “You come to check up on me?”
“Well I did take you hostage. Thought it’d only be fair to do this myself. Besides honey, I brought the food home.”
“Don’t call me that. And I’m not talking.”
“Sure, sure. Go ahead. Eat. They haven’t given you much.”
“No. I know you’re just gonna kill me when this is over.”
“Baby, I blew up a tank with my fist. If I wanted to plow through your team, you’d all be dead now.”
“So instead, you bring me steak and whiskey?”
“Steak’s for you. Whiskey’s mine.”
“What do you want?”
“What’s your name?”
“Does it matter?”
“What. Is. Your name?”
“. . .Mikayla Hukil. Lieutenant in the Brotherhood. Part of Ascension Company.”
“I bagged a Lieutenant? Huh. This might work after all.”
“I already told you I’m not telling you shit!”
I don’t know why I spat in his face, but it just seemed right to do so. Here I was, being asked to betray everything I hold dear to me left in this world. He wants me to abandon everyone by giving me steak? Home meant more to me than that steak ever will.
“Ah, girls.” The man said as he wiped his face clean. “Same way my prom ended you know.”
“I already said enough. You know who I am and you know I won’t say anything.”
“You don’t get it do you? I don’t want troop movements or positions. I don’t wanna know why you joined them. I don’t wanna know what the cafeteria gives you every Thursday.”
“What do you want?”
“Why is the Brotherhood on Reach?”
“This planet is a symbol of-“
“Bullshit. Why are you here?”
“Reach is a military planet. If it’s taken out it’s a major win for us and what we stand for!”
“And what exactly do you stand for Councilor Hukil?”
“I’ll tell you what ‘we’ stand for. The Brotherhood stands for freedom. Diplomacy. Rights. Things the UNSC used to give us!”
“We’ve done our research. Most of the anti-imperial feelings are from colonies in the outer rim. The people on Reach don’t want to be ‘free’. Why are you here?”
“It doesn’t matter what they want. The weapons manufactured here are being used to kill us out in-“
“The weapon plants here have been severely damaged from the three year war that’s happened between our armies. The people here don’t care for you and production here is almost completely dead. Almost all of your activity was invested into Reach. It doesn’t take a military genius to figure out not to put everything on one ride.”
“I don’t understand what you want me to do.”
“Ha. You know, you rebels are fuckin diverse as hell. You know that, right? I’ve seen with my own two eyes, rebel soldiers jumping on grenades to protect civilians.”
“Protect them from harm you put them in the first place!”
“And” he continued. “with these same eyes, I’ve seen rebel forces kill civilians. Just because they’re Imperial civilians.”
“Impossible. We don’t hurt the innocent.”
“Oh, now. Course not. ‘You’ don’t. Ever heard of Avalanche?”
“You should. It was a Brotherhood research facility. They leave out the dark parts when they teach you in school?”
“What are you-“
“General Thomas.” Interrupted a voice over the comms. “Sir, I’d like a word with you outside. It’s important.”
“General Thomas?” I asked. “Major General Jordan Thomas?”
“Can’t go anywhere without being famous these days. Erica, I’ll be out in a sec-“
“You son of a bitch!” I screamed. “You killed my father you greedy bastard.”
“I’ve killed a lot of people darling. You’re gonna want to narrow it down.”
“You evil prick! You killed him! You did it! He was just a doctor. A doctor! A researcher! Just trying to find better formulas for Medi-gel. But he was a ‘rebel’. You had to kill him!”
“Hold on. What did you say your name was?”
“Fuck you!”
“What was it…..Hukil!....Hukil. There’s a lot you don’t know about.”
“Your father never told you about Avalanche?”
“What’s Avalanche?”
“Avalanche was a war crime. I’m clearing you for an actual room. No more cells. You’ll probably still be watched.”
“You didn’t answer my question.”
“You didn’t answer mine.”

Chapter 10
Viery Plaza
Sgt. Sterling
“So we’re really gonna do it?” Asked Crenshaw. “We’re finally gonna hit Vigilance?”
“That’s what they’re sayin.” I said.
“One final push to get these bastards off Reach.”
“Three long years. This fight might actually be over.”
“Did you check on Smith?” Asked Crenshaw.
“Didn’t get the chance to. Had to relay some reports over to High Com. How’s he doin?”
“Ah, fine. Bullet just grazed his leg. He’ll be good to go.”
Good. I never did like losing men under my command. Vigilance was up next, and we’d need as many good soldiers as we could spare. It’s not every day you storm rebel’s H.Q.
“Have you checked with Bazonga?” Asked Crenshaw “Said something about needing some men.”
“Probably loading up supplies. I heard our FM has everyone going to Vigilance. Full on assult.”
“Can’t wait, sir. Also, I wanna talk to you about Button.”
“Why? Is he okay?”
“I dunno sir. I can’t explain. He’s usually quiet, but something’s wrong. He seems angrier.”
“Button always seemed like a pacifist to me.”
“I can’t say for sure sir. I saw him outside, just pacing. Lookin at some sort of holo.”
“Alright, I’ll go have a word with him. I guess I’ll be back in a bit.”
Secret Imperial Base
Major General Thomas
“You know, you don’t have to wait til I get to my office to tell me what you need to tell me Erica.”
“One moment, freezing out all alien systems. I’d like this conversation to be strictly two way.”
“That Mikayla girl. I don’t know how I’m supposed to tell her what she believes in his wrong. I mean, she obviously is a diehard rebel. Anything I say is just gonna sound like propaganda to her. I need you to download all available information on Avalanche. Whatever isn’t available, bypass it.”
“Understood sir, but I think you’ll want to put that on hold for now.”
“All right Erica, you got my attention. What’s up.”
“Remember when the rebels attacked the Breakpoint research facility?”
“Yeah, the place was marked as a Tier one but we could never figure out why.”
“I downloaded as much information as I could and stored it away in one of my background caches, chipping away at the encryptions as long as I could.”
“And you’re finally done with it?”
“Precisely. Most of it was trivial, nothing to bring up to your attention. A few good schematics for weapon upgrades and new armor permutations, but nothing that would resemble a tier one objective. Until now, that is.”
“Whatcha got?”
“To be quite honest, I’m not exactly sure. Transferring to the holo.”
Erica appeared in the holo on my desk and with her were two images. Looked like pieces of DNA.
“This is it? Tier one over DNA?”
“What they are is actually quite more remarkable than I could describe however. Mainly because I don’t know how to describe it.”
“Okay?....Throw me a bone and try your hardest.”
“There’s several different pieces of this set of DNA. The data provided suggests that this DNA was taken from ancient Forerunner artifacts of different natures. The DNA available is wide ranged from different parts of the galaxy, however they all have certain resembling parts that confirm the sets of DNA as Forerunner in nature.”
“So Breakpoint was researching Forerunners?”
“But you just said that-“
“The remarkable part is that these sets weren’t what were researched. They were not studied, they were compared.”
“Compared with what. Our DNA?”
“And that brings me to my questions as well. It isn’t our DNA and doesn’t match any forms of known Covenant signatures or any other known life forms for that matter. The genetic makeup of this unknown DNA model is rather advance. Actually far superior to that of Forerunner DNA.”
“So this all means?...”
“Well, according to the research provided at Breakpoint, there was something that was more advanced than the Forerunners.”
“No, that can’t be. The Forerunners built like, everything right?”
“It’s possible that the Forerunners were so advanced because they merely stumbled upon technology provided to them, rather than them actually discovering the technology themselves.”
“The Forerunners destroyed the entire galaxy killing the flood. You’re saying that there’s someone that was more powerful than that?”
“I believe that’s why ONI was researching this. Because saying that something was stronger, might be better than saying that something is still stronger out there. Remember that we didn’t think anything was out there until the Covenant found us.”
“And they weren’t exactly merciful.”
“Exactly my point.”
“Good work Erica. Keep up researching anymore background info on this you can find. Meanwhile, break a piece of yourself off and get that Avalanche reports for me. I got more and more questions coming up don’t I?”
“Acknowledged sir. The reports will be available within the hour.”

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Chapter 9 is interesting... I'm curious to learn more about Avalanche :)

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