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14 years before Present......

(The Guardians were about half a mile away when the condemned village had come into view. This village, unlike the other one that had been left as nothing but a crater, was present and burning to the sounds of chaos and slaughter. The gurgling and blood curdling shouts for mercy seem to rise just as soon as the burning village erupted in a massive explosion, sending the guardians flying a few feet back from the force. The once, screaming, burning, village was now nothing more but a lone crater amidst a dead-silent wasteland. In the crater however, was Reaper, and even though his face was covered by a mask, the way his shoulders were set told them he enjoyed killing this village)

Puba: (Thick russian accent) REAPER!! I'LL GUT YOU, YOU BASTARD!!

(Puba pulls out a massive blade, swiping the air as he reveals his trusty weapon to the fiend. Puba spreads his wings and begins to charge. Just then, Raider stops Puba with his arm.

Raider: (calm voice) Do not be so arrogant. That sword will feed off your anger. Can't you see it's dark energy is Reaper's power.
Trooper: Why? Why, Reaper? How could you this? We swore to protect these people!
Reaper: Why?! Why, retribution of course!! This world is corrupt, way too corrupt. Everything must go without a trace. I don't even want to see ashes so I'm being very thorough. You should see what I just did to this last guy that was here a minute ago. He begged and begged, but in the end I still stuck my sword through him. I was however, nice enough to let him see his wife and kids die first before I used Soul Edge to eradicate the land with it through him.

(Reaper smiles behind his mask, revealing unnatural fanged teeth)

Trooper: Your insane.
Reaper: Aww, and hear I thought i was perfectly sane, hehehehe
Trooper: Do you even care about the hundreds of people you've killed already? People who believed and trusted us?!
Reaper: Actually, I'd say its more in the thousands already. And those sweet, little, innocent people you loved will thank me of RIDDING THEM OF THEIR PATHETIC, CORRUPTED LIVES!
Trooper: ...

(Trooper unsheathes the long staff from his back. He twirls the staff in his hand before leveling the blade on one end of his staff at Reaper's chest, which made Reaper laugh)

Reaper: Come on, I want you to hit me! Come on! KILL ME! (ending his taunts with a vicious, maniacal laughter)
Trooper: ...

(fight) (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BJ-kNawoF9Y&list=UUZ64rcZvRsJS-NXGDqwK7XA&index=1&feature=plcp)

Raider: TROOPER!!
Reaper: Trooper, a few weeks ago you kicked my ass in a sparring session. The funny thing now is that your hardly worth the effort to fight, let alone kill.

(Raider steps forward to the impatient maniac, axes in each hand. He stares straight into the mad man's maniacal glowing eyes. He can see the sword's aura leaking from Reaper's eyes like crimson tears)

Raider: Reaper. You must drop the blade! The sword is controlling you! Can't you see you are nothing but a mere puppet! You must fight it!
Reaper: You think Soul Edge is controlling me? For years I told Soul Edge no when it came to causing destruction and it obeyed that command. Now when it asks me for destruction, I just say yes. But... you might have a point.....

(Reaper stares at his blade. Raider thought Reaper had actually considered what he said. Reaper immediately hurls the giant blade at Raider. Dustyman quickly blocks the sword with his rapier and Soul Edge goes reeling back into Reaper's hand. Dustyman gives Raider a grave look and Raider nods. Raiders begins walking toward the malevolent Reaper)

Raider: This not how corruption is vanquished, you fool. I will not let you continue this tyranny anymore. I will do whatever it takes to restore order, even if it means killing you.
Reaper: Charming.

(fight) (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zaRzPfQ8HrE&list=UUZ64rcZvRsJS-NXGDqwK7XA&index=5&feature=plcp)

(As the fight subsides, Reaper calls on the dark power of the sword and his black armor reconstructs itself back on Reaper)

Reaper: Looks like the old dog's all bark, no bite. Dusty! Face me!

(The silent man named Dustyman vanished in thin air then reappeared in front of Reaper. As he began to speak, Reaper could see a set of vampire fangs on Dusty)

Dusty: (refined british accent) Hm. I suppose you would summon me for a duel then. We shall duel like gentlemen! (Dust says with a gleaming smile)
Dusty: Ooh, aren't you just a treat?
Reaper: Enough talk, vampire! Feed yourself to my sword!!
Dustyman: En guarde!

(fight) (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SiRbPOl1TR8&list=UUZ64rcZvRsJS-NXGDqwK7XA&index=4&feature=plcp)

Reaper: You are good, but not good enough! I'd kill the 3 of you, but you're not even worth the effort.
Puba: Well, Reaper. Looks like it's just you and me. And lucky for me, Raider won't stop me this time. However...how very unlucky for YOU!
Reaper: Join me, Puba! And we can dominate every living soul on this miserable planet! You...and...me. The guardians have been holding your true potential back but you and I know what your capable of! Soul Edge will show you the true path of power.
Puba: ...Your right...

(Puba begins walking toward the extended hand of Reaper. To the suprise of the 3 gaurdians laying on the floor, once they were both close enough to each other, they both struck their swords at each other)

Reaper: I like how we both thought of the same thing. I guess you and I are more alike then we like to admit
Puba: We might be alike but when it comes to skill you will Never. Be. As. Good. As. Me!
Reaper: WE'LL SEE ABOUT THAT!! (A ball of dark energy erupts from Reaper sending Puba flying through the air on to his back) YOU! WILL! SUBMIT!!!!!!!!!

(fight) (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cs-t9RYzPjQ&feature=youtu.be)

Puba: Tsk. Tsk. I can't believe my comrades lost to you. Just goes to show they need more practice (says this fighting back pain) (Spits on Reaper's body) I'll give you the honor of cleaning your own blood off my sword when you wake up.
Reaper: This.... changes..... nothing.... I will.... purge the world...... of the corrupt...... for Danny..... (coughs blood and faints)


(As the Emperor looked out the window, he saw only destruction. So many buildings were on fire, and reports were coming in that Unlucky was captured by the enemy, all of this done by a REDD Corporal. What nobody knew though was that the Emperor was loving this. He enjoyed seeing the destruction and chaos. The grim sight had spread a childish grin on his face and a sexual arousal that spurred much pleasure in his loins. As he looked in the area in front of his castle, he noticed 3 figures walking up his step. A man in black robes and a man in green armor)

Verbotendonkey: Sire, we need to get you out of here!
Emperor: If you must. Make note though of the 3 men entering the front gate. (The Emperor enjoyed staring at the Lt. General's hooves trot across the floor)
Verbotendonkey: Yes, my liege.... Gargoyle, Chillsquisher, Puba, Dustyman, and Raider, come with me to take out these guys. Fuzzy and Trooper, you stay behind.
Fuzzy: (Jabs an angry finger into Donkey's chest) Last timeI checked "Lt. General" I am your superior. Therefore, you and your men will follow my orders got it?
Emperor: Enough! I don't want to hear anymore of this! Donkey. You will lead the Imperial Legion until Unlucky turns about. Until then, Godspeed Field Marshall Verboten Donkey.
Verbotendonkey: Thank you for the honor, sire. I trust that i will not disappoint you.
Emperor: (Gives a keen eye to Donkey as he turns his back and begins to leave) Pray that you don't, Mr. Webber.

(Everyone but Fuzzy, Trooper, and the Emperor leave the room. When the last person went through the doors, they automatically shut hard and one of the pillars fell, blocking the passage.)

Emperor: Who dare enters my domain?
Mystery Voice: It does not matter, you shall not live through it.
Trooper: Sire, stay behind me. I will not let any harm come to you!
Emperor: You are brave, young warrior. I will see to it that you are promoted after this "incursion". True kings will fight their own battles. (Reveals hidden sword) Now come! Stand out of the shadow and fight, you cur!

(With that a man in white robes step out of the darkness)

Ezio Auditore: Very well. Now, fight so I may rid the world of your presence.
Emperor: How noble. Killing you will be more interesting than I thought, worm. I am Raz Vader, Last of the Precursors and Emperor of the Red Dominion. I will give you the honor of dying by my hand.


(As Raz Vader fell, he could not help but enjoy himself. To be fighting someone from one of his favorite games in the past was just fun. As Ezio was about to deliver the final strike, the entrance doors exploded, sending them flying. One of those doors that were flying went straight into Ezio, crashed into him and sent him flying to the wall with the door landing on him.)

Raz Vader: .......Am I alive? What in the world just happened?

Fateless Wolf
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really long chapter, was a good one thoe and btw i do know what game the guys from to answer the question we talked about in the party about 20 mins ago i wont say it thoe just incase of spoiler alert.

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story seems to be shaping up nicely reaper

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I don't understand why I'm called Donkey and then Webber but okay xD

Enjoyed the chapter as always.

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probably just formalities with the emperor

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I owe credit to my new editor, Raider.

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I don't understand why I'm called Donkey and then Webber but okay xD

Enjoyed the chapter as always.

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What happen was Reaper sent me a draft and I edited, added dialogue where I felt it lacked. Then I sent my draft back to him and he approves it with his own final editing (Takes out stuff that he doesn't like and adds what he wants).

I added the "Mr. Webber" part for dramatic effect. Assuming we are born in this world with real full names and as we enter the REDD or BLUE we are given aliases for military career. Vader saying that was to add on his character a vast knowledge of the armies i.e. knowing everyone's history and real names.

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What happen was Reaper sent me a draft and I edited, added dialogue where I felt it lacked. Then I sent my draft back to him and he approves it with his own final editing (Takes out stuff that he doesn't like and adds what he wants).

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