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01-04-2011, 05:57 PM
So after reading a few pages of info im am delighted to share with you a few awesome things Guerrilla Games added in Killzone 3.

1&2 ) Lobby/party system: You can now hook up woth friends, send invites Ect. Also when you go into a game with friends (who have mic's) theur voice is slightly louder than randomes' voices. Also your clan/squad still gets its own deticated squad comm.

3&4) Operations: From what i can explaine of this game type just think of Invasion only on a bigger, more epic scale. Heres how it plays.

Helghast: defend. ISA: attack

The ISA must destroy a target with explosives (for example). Once the objective is complete a short and sweet kick in the ass like cut-scene will start. It will show the players who contributed the most on the team in this cut-scene

For example: I plant the bomb while KoolNinjaz889 defends me. BOOM objective complete - que cut-scene: my costum charecter with my PSID over his head is the star of the show wile KoolNinjaz889 is the co-star. Also im pretty sure the starts of the team get bonus points. Pretty f'in swiit.

5 ) bigger maps mean bigger battles. Bigger battles mean more explosions. The Exo the shit-pack (jump-pack as seen in the E3 demo) and afew other vehicles will make it in the game.

there are a few more I'd like to add however I forget some...

zZ Dr K Zz
01-21-2011, 08:14 PM

Open Killzone 3 beta comes out to everyone on Feb. 2nd.