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10-14-2012, 02:54 PM
Hello, my friends of the Forerunner Conflict. Halo 4 is steadily approaching us, and the excitement is building rapidly. Sadly, some copies of Halo 4 have already been released into the wild, so the FC Management Team would like to put in place a specific policy regarding spoilers. This policy on spoilers was specifically created for Halo 4, however, it applies for all new video games (ex: Assassin's Creed III).

Please read everything below. If you are caught posting spoilers at all and not in the proper locations, you will receive punishment for your grievous crimes against video game fandom.
If you'd rather be safe than sorry, then DON'T POST SPOILERS!

Forerunner Conflict Spoiler Policy
If you wish to post spoilers on the website, you MUST follow the guidelines below. Failure to do so could result in punishments from the FC Management Team.

If you want to talk about spoilers for an upcoming game or recently released game, you must create a new topic. The rules for doing so are listed below. If a topic already exists that talks about the spoiler(s) in question, you may post in that topic that already exists.
Posting spoilers in a topic that is not classified as a "SPOILER" topic will result in the deletion of your post. For clarification on what is deemed a "SPOILER" thread, read below.
If you want to create a "SPOILER" topic, the topic title must contain the word "SPOILER" or "SPOILERS" as the first word in the topic name. This allows for users who click on the "recent topics" in a board to know that the following topic contains spoilers.
Your "SPOILER" topic title may NOT include the specific spoiler(s). For example, posting "SPOILERS: Master Chief Kills Connor Kenway in Borderlands 2" is not allowed. An acceptable title would be "SPOILERS: Story Discussion (End Game)".
Failure to follow the above could result in punishment from the FC Management Team based upon the severity and repetition of your offenses.


The forums will be open to discussing all content of Halo 4's Campaign one (1) month after it's release. Therefore, the need for posting SPOILER topics ends on December 6th, 2012. This policy is in effect for all new video games in question.

Punishments for People That Fail To Follow The Above:
(FC Management reserves the right to jump to any form of punishment as they deem necessary depending on the situation)

1st Infraction: A stern warning and redirect to the thread that contains these rules. FC Management will then change the title of the topic that contains spoilers to follow the rules listed above, or delete the post(s) in question entirely.
2nd Infraction: 48 Hour Ban and a warning directing the user to the thread that contains these rules. This is their final warning before more severe punishments. This may result in the immediate revocation of their topic creation abilities until the release of said game.
3rd Infraction: A ban up to the discretion of FC Management and a resulting revocation of topic creation abilities or posting abilities until two weeks after the video game's release (therefore if it were for Halo 4, it would end on November 20th.
4th Infraction after 3: Up to the discretion of FC Management.

If you have any questions regarding this policy, please contact FC Management.