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10-18-2012, 06:15 PM
A Forefathers Legacy
[Halo 4 Era]

A New Dawn

As the remaining Imperial forces consolidated Reach, the B.L.U.E. disappeared to the Outer Colonies. As strike in the Inner Colonies became less frequent, the Empire continued to ramp up it's military production to replace it's losses. As the Spartan-IV program came fully online, numerous volunteers were screened and approved for augmentation and training as Spartans. Refining their policies once more, the Empire re-focused the R.E.D.D. on strategic counter-piracy and rebel movements with a primary focus on eliminating the B.L.U.E. As the Empire settled back into it's stable pace and it's citizens continuing to faithfully support their leader, IONI teams began to research Forerunner weapon caches across the Inner Colonies and soon, Forerunner arms were equipped to the R.E.D.D. for field testing. As the Inner Core of the Empire stabilized, the Emperor turned his gaze to the defiant and unfaithful Outer Colonists and their punishment to come.

On the Outer Colonies, the B.L.U.E. found themselves hopeful. Possessing the same vital knowledge as the Empire, they believed a deal could be struck between Inner and Outer Colonies to maintain peace between the two sides. It was then that a new government was formed along the Outer Rim, spearheaded by the B.L.U.E. Keeping their roots in the rebels who died for them, the formation of the Brotherhood Alliance was formed officially on Harvest in 2575. With the Outer Colonies pledging support, and the Brotherhood capable of maintaining both a respectable ground force and naval fleet, a message was sent to the Emperor.
It's premise, stop all fighting and coexist in peace.

Outraged at this defiance of his supreme power, the Emperor sent back the bodies of hundreds of political and military prisoners to Harvest, clearly rejecting the proposition and declaring all under the Brotherhood Alliance as threat to the sovereignty of the Empire. Willfully ignorant of the outside systems due to doctored media and luxurious lifestyle, Imperial Citizens cried for war and within days, the Emperor declared war on the Outer Colonies, offering them once chance to return to the folds of the First Imperium or face annihilation. In response, the Outer Colonies stopped all shipments of food and materials to the Empire and excavated Forerunner weapons caches.

The Empire, outraged at the betrayal of the Outer Colonies, organized it's military forces behind the R.E.D.D. which now sat it's most elite group of Spartans. As the Empire declared a swift and crushing victory over the Brotherhood Alliance, the B.L.U.E. rose as the Brotherhood's best fighting force to oppose the R.E.D.D. in the coming war. As both governments began the march to war, the galaxy hung in the balance.