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12-19-2012, 05:02 PM
Just A Little Story..

The inside of a wall, feeding on the panel, nibbling on the wood. Tiny, almost like specs of dust, but bigger than microscopic. (Or at least enough so to be seen by the naked eye.) Comparable to sticks in a large field, laid out across several acres, never noticed, but peaceful indeed. Quiet. Humble. Insignificant. Or at least to us, but we never really notice anything that isnít up to par, do we? I think thatís a far assumption about the general population, wouldnít you concur, reader? Let me ask you, reader. Look at the surface upon which your keyboard lies. (Assuming youíre on a computer.) Notice anything? No? Try again, kind soul. The patterns, the forms making such an object. So graceful, so forgotten. The little things. So unnoticed. So wanting to be noticed.
Sorry, kind reader, for I have trailed off topic. We were talking about little things nibbling on a panel, wood, etc. Iím not referring to termites, not at all. Iím referring to life. However you picture it in your head, whatever you deem that creature, little thing to be. It is what you believe it is, not what I say it is, kind soul. However, descriptions are what make a good read, so Iíll give you one. About yourself, in comparison to such a tiny, unseen organism.
The shy kid. Think back, good friend. Sure, you may have been chubby or tiny, or mammoth, but you were possibly a little shy? Iím going to assume you were. If you werenít, this probably isnít the read for you. Anyway, if you were, this is a perfect example of being unseen. You were always hoping someone would talk to you. Definitely ill at the thought of reaching out to someone, you waited for someone to reach out to you. But did it ever happen? For some of you, sure. For most of you, no. So I ask, kind reader. Why do you ignore the general simplicities of life? Iím not referring simply to the little bitty creature in the wood. Iím referring to every tiny person, being, animal that makes your day a good one.
Then again, as humans, itís in our nature to deny anything that doesnít bring us good fortune. That same thing may not bring us bad fortune, but we still deny it because we gain nothing from it. Next time you see someone, something, or anything, really, Iím asking you not to do this. Grant it access to your life, as you were once in a similar situation, and you know so. Do not be unkind to mammals. Do what you must, to make sure everything gets noticed. And remember, readers, that everything deserves companionship. Even something as small as the termites in the wood.

Sir Nihlus
12-19-2012, 05:15 PM
A very deep and interesting read Lyrics!

12-19-2012, 05:17 PM
Why thank you Rain. :)