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Sir Nihlus
12-20-2012, 01:35 PM

If the world is going to end tomorrow a number of New Yorkers are determined to go out with a bang.

The New York Post has spoken to a group of Big Apple residents aiming to have sex before tomorrow's apocalypse, an event foretold by an ancient Mayan prophesy.

"I don't want to die on a dry spell!" a Manhattan swimsuit model called Nicki Ghazian, told the paper.

For some believers, the idea that the world will end on 21 December, the last day of the 5,125-year-old Mayan calendar, is an excuse to dig bunkers or travel to one of the places believed to be safe from the apocalypse.

New Yorkers, who can see a silver lining in the darkest cloud, have spotted a great excuse for a one-night stand.

"I will be looking for an end-of-the-world hook-up," Dennis Cintron, 29, a Manhattan bartender, told the Post. "If you're going to go out, go out with a bang."

Cintron is buying new clothes and getting a haircut ahead of tonight's last chance to improve his odds of a pre-apocalypse tryst, the paper says.

New Yorkers aren't the only ones using the spectre of doomsday to get some action. In France, the condom manufacturer Durex has run a series of advertisements with slogans such as, "The end of the world shouldn't be the only thing coming". (Bahahahaha!)

Meanwhile, a Doomsday sex survey commissioned by an American radio station found that 67% women and 49% of men would choose their significant other for their last sexual act.

The survey found 22 per cent of respondents would choose a celebrity for their final romp with Jennifer Aniston the top choice for men considering a famous partner for a Mayan hook-up. George Clooney was the rather predictable first choice for women.

12-20-2012, 02:13 PM

Also, a lot of people will be born around 9 months from now ... and good luck explaining to them why they were born. >__>

12-20-2012, 04:37 PM
Apparently a lot of those people's 'significant others' aren't very significant. 49%. I'm ashamed of my gender.

12-20-2012, 05:41 PM
Apparently a lot of those people's 'significant others' aren't very significant. 49%. I'm ashamed of my gender.

meh I'm not surprised.