View Full Version : Diary of a Rebel - Entry 4

01-11-2013, 11:21 PM
Had another day patrolling that damned town again. I seen that father, but not the son. I assume he had already joined the brotherhood and is training. Me and my brothers searched some warehouse that the boys-up-top believe may have Redd activity. While there wasn't any redd activity, we did find more bodies. These weren't as decayed as the last few we found earlier. After inspecting several of them (and fighting my stomach), I noticed that each of them had a tooth missing, and they were all the same. Same place of loss. Like someone is collecting trophies of some sort. We need to find this monster, and bring him down so IT can't hurt anyone else again.

After telling HQ our discovery, they told us to not get involved. That was when my mind was twisted. I was so confused, and I could tell that my brothers were the same. I lost it. I couldn't keep my mouth shut, and I asked in anger why not. I mean, the brotherhood claim to be fighting for every individual, but what about those innocent people outside the walls? They're suffering because of this war, and there is some kind of monster that is killing them. They're defenseless and we're supposed to help them. They look at us for help, but my officers tell me not to help them. I don't understand anymore. Maybe I could convince the others and we could secretly investigate at night. Maybe I shouldn't help...no I'm not an monster. I will help, and I won't hesitate to protect those people.

These damn nightmares! I can't sleep. When I try to get some rest, the minute I close my eyes I see people dying. Is this supposed to happen? I asked Doc and told me that it is the effects of war and they should go away within a few weeks. It's been longer than that, yet I'm still having this same, occurring nightmare. It's always the same! Begins and ends the same damn way! And no matter what I do, I can't change the outcome. However, that Redd I killed, he doesn't appear in my dreams anymore. Just an empty void that fills his vacant space...

I gotta think things out for a little. I should be getting a letter from the family soon. Until then, John out.