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My name is ReiBear Ito. I am the illegitimate daughter of Lt. General Gargoyle of the Redd Empire. My mother passed away from illness when I was very young. My father, had left her before she had fell ill so I didn't know how to find him. It wasn't until I met "him" that I was reunited with my father again.

After mother had passed on I was taken in by rebels known as the Blue Brotherhood. I grew up as a Brotherhood soldier. I led my own squad that was unbeatable. I had become close with our Field Marshall Anarchy. He was the only family I had known. He mentored me like a father. Showed me how to become a better soldier. He was a fearless leader and those in the Brotherhood admired him for his leadership skills. He was glorious.

One day Anarchy sent me and my squad on a mission. The objective seemed simple, especially for my men. It was reported by a scout that Redd Empire soldiers were spotted near our location and my squad was sent in to intercept them. We were to take one survivor back to base. As we arrived at the coordinates we took our positions to ambush them. We waited. And Waited...until...Blue Brotherhood soldiers appear and raised their guns on us! I didn't understand what was going on.

"Traitors! How dare you betray the Brotherhood like this!" I screamed as the soldiers disarmed myself and my men, "Anarchy will surely have you executed for this!" Just then, Anarchy came out from behind one of the Soldiers.

"No my dear it is your executions that is going to take place right here right now." Anarchy said with a smirk on his face.

"What is the meaning of this!" I exclaimed, "I don't understand!" My anger began to fill and I started to walked towards the man who had betrayed me. A soldier grabbed my arms and forced me to the ground.

"You have been very useful to use throughout the years. My heart broke when I had learned that you are the daughter of a filthy Redd Empire dog. You are a risk to our cause and I can not allow you to live." Anarchy said.

"Who my father is does not make me one of them! I have been as loyal to you as the next and yet you have betrayed me like this?" I said as tears filled my eyes. "What of my men? Why are they being treated as criminals? They had no clue of my heritage!"

"I'm sorry, but we don't want to take a risk of any of them trying to take revenge on us. As you said, Loyalty." Anarchy said with a smug look on his face. The soldiers prepared to fire on us. I closed my eyes, prepared for what was to come. Suddenly the soldier whom was restraining me fell to the ground dead. I had open my eyes to see my former comrades fall one by one. Anarchy stood in fear at what he was witnessing. Just then a soldier had jumped down from the sky. He landed next to me and grabbed my arm and pulled me to my feet. He pointed his gun at Anarchy.

"It's been a long time...old friend." The man said in a calm tone.

....to be continued

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Awesome story!

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Great so far Rei. Keep up the good work :)

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My god...... i must read more of this!!!!!!

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Scumbag Anarchy

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1) Gargoyle is a Major General :P (im Lt. General)
2) Mention Gargoyle but not me? I see how it is... might have to get those divorse papers :(