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02-19-2013, 07:05 AM
Please use the following template.

Spartan Name -
Armour and Appearance (Height, Weight, Eye Colour, etc.) -
Service Tag -
Weapon of choice -
Brief Background Description -

Other Significant Details (What makes your character unique?) -

Thank you for your support and dedication.

EagleOne out.

02-19-2013, 06:18 PM
Spartan Name - Ian "Coda" Brant
Armour and Appearance (Height, Weight, Eye Colour, etc.) - Dark brown hair (long for being military), medium build, large scar on chest. For armour, keep me in my Black and white CIO (WEB) armour, but you can mention the possibility of my armour changing to match my combat role.
Service Tag - CODA (RW01 is my serial number for REDWATCH)
Weapon of choice - The DMR is my baby :)
Brief Background Description - I gave you a pretty detailed version in my PM. If you need any more info, let me know. I don't feel like writing it all out again =P

Other Significant Details (What makes your character unique?) - How about being the CO of REDWATCH? I also have an AI, which I also described in detail in my PM a while ago. If you, and any other contributing writers want help, feel free to PM me, and I'll help in any way I can :)

Zeta Crossfire
02-19-2013, 06:54 PM
Spartan Name - Zack "Zeta' Shannon
Armour and Appearance (Height, Weight, Eye Colour, etc.) - 6'1, 210, blue,
Service Tag - Zeta
Weapon of choice - Assault Rifle
Brief Background Description - Zeta joined he military as soon as he was able. His family has been on Harvest for generations but he never had a chance to call it home. He worked his way through the ranks eventually being placed within the ODSTs.

(how long of a background do you want? something this short or much longer?)

02-19-2013, 07:01 PM
Spartan Name - Zack "Zeta' Shannon
Armour and Appearance (Height, Weight, Eye Colour, etc.) - 6'1, 210, blue,
Service Tag - Zeta
Weapon of choice - Assault Rifle
Brief Background Description - Zeta joined he military as soon as he was able. His family has been on Harvest for generations but he never had a chance to call it home. He worked his way through the ranks eventually being placed within the ODSTs.

(how long of a background do you want? something this short or much longer?)

The more detail the better, but you can PM me additional information. Don't forget hair colour and any other physical traits.

02-20-2013, 12:20 AM
Spartan Name - Adam Palmisano
Armour and Appearance (Height, Weight, Eye Colour, etc.)
Height- Taller than the average spartan
Eye Colour- Light Brown
Hair- Short but not too short light Brown Hair
Armour-Operator armour suited for close combat and to apply with advanced warthog driving.
Also embedded with a smart A.I ZEMBRA ( if you wish for the file i can send it to you )
Service Tag - V01(Redwatch tag)-Monk-BATM (Personal code names)
Weapon of choice - Assault Rifle(cant live without the thing), Shotgun, Snipe
Brief Background Description - Born in space on a military and civilian transport escaping from a trying time of death and destruction father unknown to him only told that his father was military and was killed in a battle. not being born with a sense of home he joined the REDD army to find his place. He then found himself in REDWATCH in November later in his first war he was transferred into INDIA in which he found a person he cared about but it was cut short from a enemy space engagment in which her transpot was destroyed. All hands lost or unknown. This has pained him and further heighten his hatred for the BLUES. After he was then promoted to Lance Corporal into Victor for a assisting role but after the commanding member of victor retiered and was now promoted to Sergeant then after months of try to keep the squad together he was promoted to Staff Sergeant were he now resides. (this took forever......)

If there is anything else needed please contact me.

Lol its James
02-20-2013, 12:55 AM
Do you need blue enemies ;D

02-20-2013, 01:53 AM
Do you need blue enemies ;D

Give me a description, I may make a separate story with the same characters fighting BLUES. But hey, gimme a sample of your character and I'll let you know.

02-20-2013, 10:57 AM
Spartan Name - Jax "Juggernaut" Carlton
Armour and Appearance (Height, Weight, Eye Colour, etc.) - 8 feet tall, 450lbs, Brown eyes and black hair. Muscular build and very intimidating.
Service Tag - JUGS
Weapon of choice - Gravity Hammer and Plasma Grenades
Brief Background Description - ever since he was little Jax had always preferred to be alone. Was never anything personal, he just liked the quiet. He found his trusty grav hammer off of his first dead brute chieftain and it had always been one of his favorite weapons. As such he had started to excel in hand to hand combat. And he had always kept a supply of plasma grenades since he always had the best aim out of any other Spartan with them. Now with the war with the covies over, he is just looking for the next big fight.

Other Significant Details

02-20-2013, 07:53 PM
Spartan Name: Mikau "Wolf" Laruto

Eye Color: Gray
Hair: Black; IONI requirement of hair length
Height: Shorter than the average Spartan
Other Details: Each canine tooth has been filed to appear sharp; Tattoo of a running fox on his arm (the emblem of his old unit)

Armor: OCEANIC armor with the RAIDER helmet

Service Tag: WOLF

Weapon of Choice: Assault Rifle customized with HAZOP modifications in order to withstand harsh environments (i.e. underwater, freezing temperatures, melting temperatures, mud, etc.)


Born on the planet Terceira on the outer rim of the galaxy in BLUE controlled space, Mikau Laruto was a pacifist who refused to have anything do with the war. Growing up on a colony town on the entirely ocean planet, Laruto planned to live his life as a medical practitioner saving lives instead of taking them like the other bloodthirsty recruits planned to do that signed up to the Brotherhood or Empire. As much as he strayed away from anything that had to do with the war, Laruto did not expect that it would be brought to his front door step.

Brotherhood ships came to the colony and immediately seized control of the government and established an occupation. The Brotherhood found "strategic interests" in the ocean planet, Terceira, for they believed in it's inscrutable depths lied an ancient, artificial element made by the mythical Forerunners. Forcing the denizens into internment camps and slave labor, many of the natives suffered from extreme physical labor and starvation. Laruto lived long enough to watch his family die of exhaustion. The only thing driving him to live was his duty in providing the other captured natives medical care. Months later, only the stronger men had survived the labor from the past months and were being kept in cages like animals.

It was then that fire fell from the sky and gunshots rang out throughout the colony. The Empire had sent an attachment of Orbital Drop Shock Troopers to liberate the colony from Brotherhood forces. An ODST opened Laruto's cage and found him barely alive next to the rotting corpses. The ODST extended his hand and helped Laruto out of his cage. That was the day Laruto met Gunnery Sergeant Ryan Webber, an ODST of the Royal Enforcement Deployment Division. Grateful to his liberators, Laruto offered to help the Empire in anyway he could. Laruto started native militias across his homeworld in order to free the other colonies and aid the Empire. Being one of the "Fox Legion" troopers, Laruto and his comrades were deployed to infiltration and sabotage strike on BLUE underwater mining and attack vessels. After about two years of naval warfare, the BLUE were repelled from the planet but on the final strike against the Brotherhood, most of the Fox Legion were killed leaving Laruto one of the sole survivors with critical injuries.

His body was transported to an Imperial research facility codenamed "Lockout" where he spent most of his days in a specimen tank. It was there that IONI (Imperial Office of Naval Intelligence) had begun the process in turning Laruto into a Spartan III. After completing the required physical and mental requirements he was outfitted for his set of OCEANIC armor. One day, while he was completing tests in his new armor, Wolf (as Laruto was now being referred to since he started the spartan transformation) spotted a familiar face on a stretcher. It was Sergeant Webber, the ODST that had freed him more than 2 years ago. He appeared stable but his arm had been amputated from a wound he had taken from a brotherhood sangheilli ambush where he was attacked by an sangheilli with an energy sword. Wolf felt he owed his life to Webber so without hesitation he helped the scientists at Lockout speed up his recovery and install a prosthetic arm with heightened reflexes and strength. During his sleep one night, Wolf was transferred to an IONI cruiser somewhere far off in space. It was there that they sped up his training and outfitted him for the RAIDER helmet (a helmet with all the components of his old OCEANIC helmet but with updated communication modules and sensory range for land combat). Unbeknownst to him, he was a lab rat for a top secret project IONI had started and he "belonged to IONI now".

The Empire was not prepared for the assault on Reach. Desperate times called for desperate measures and REDD was forced to sent any asset they could, even IONI's "classified project". Wolf was immediately enlisted in the initial roster for IONI's project, REDWATCH, as the team's designated field medic. Forced to fight along other spartans he had never met (except for Webber who had been promoted and handpicked by IONI to lead REDWATCH), Wolf fought countless battles with his new comrades and eventually wiped the rebels from the planet.

Peace is often an unstable truth, so Wolf had learned.

Soon REDWATCH would be deployed once more to fight the Brotherhood...

Other Significant Details (What makes your character unique?): Wolf doesn't like killing (even though he is well trained in the act thanks to IONI). In fact, he tries to subdue enemies into making them surrender to the best of his ability and will only kill when it is absolutely necessary. Wolf plays more of a support role as the caretaker of the squad, gladly healing troops than killing them. He also does not hold a grudge against the Brotherhood for their atrocities back on his home planet (as holding hate contradicts his religion). He sees his role in the war as "a fate" or duty that he can only accept.

02-20-2013, 09:16 PM
Wow, that's a lot of detail SeaWolf. I can definately feel and see the character. Thanks and welcome!

02-26-2013, 04:40 AM
Please, if there are any more, sign up now. I begin next week.

EagleOne out.

Dark Remalf
02-26-2013, 07:03 PM
Spartan Name - Adrian "Dark" Buendia

Armour and Appearance (Height, Weight, Eye Colour, etc.) - Mark V Helmet, Recon Armour, 6"1, 1010 lbs (with Armour), Honey Coloured eyes, Tan Skin.

Service Tag - Drk1

Weapon of choice - Battle Rifle/Spartan Laser

Brief Background Description - Born on Earth, and trained since childhood to be a Spartan II, met John 117 at 17 yrs of age, and trained alongside him for a few weeks. assisted in the defense of reach and was MIA until found in the planet requiem and Rescued by the UNSC Infinity ship.

Other Significant Details (What makes your character unique?) - Quiet during a Fire Fight, extremely proficient on foot and infiltration. I wear a Hoodie aside from my helmet, to use as I infiltrate the objective if necessary or get behind enemy lines. Uses promethean Vision to observe enemy movements and make better judgments. Fast, due to the many years spent running and hiding from Promethean forces in Requiem. Able to work extremely well with others and get them out of most fights with a mighty victory.(Thanks to the help of those I have met in RedWatch).

03-06-2013, 01:26 PM
Writing has begun, those who signed up thank you, your characters will be well developed. As for others in REDWATCH, they will be making appearances throughout the story. Once RainRequiem and I have built a solid foundation, we will release episodes every two weeks. Thanks again for everyone's support!

EagleOne out.

03-14-2013, 03:53 PM
I feel very disappointed I didn't know about this sooner. I love writing and creating stuff like this.

03-14-2013, 04:37 PM
I feel very disappointed I didn't know about this sooner. I love writing and creating stuff like this.
Give me an example of your writing with your spartan.

03-14-2013, 04:56 PM
can I be in it? As an ENEMY!

Spartan Name - Platinum (nickname only)
Armour and Appearance (Height, Weight, Eye Colour, etc.) - Enforcer Helmet, 6'4, 1000 pounds with armor, blue eyes
Service Tag - Plat-015
Weapon of choice - DMR
Brief Background Description - Platinum earned his nickname from his peers by setting records during basic training. He surpassed the Gold standard and set a new one.."The Platinum" standard. Honest, humble, trustworthy, brave, strong, and a skilled warrior.

Other Significant Details (What makes your character unique?) - His ability to work as a lone wolf and survive in the wilderness for weeks at any given time. However, his leadership skills are somewhat poor, because he cares too much for those around him.

SSF Toxic
03-22-2013, 09:01 PM
Spartan Name - Graham Young
Armour and Appearance (6"3, 140 pounds, Blue Eyes, Long Brown Hair) -
Service Tag - LEGS
Weapon of choice - Sniper/DMR/Shotgun
Brief Background Description - Originally from earth Graham lived in a very suburban area. After leaving school he inspired to join the UNSC and he did. He trained harder than anyone in his platoon but then the UNSC fell apart and he was directed to the empire. When blue started to rebel against the empire he was first boots in, and he did work. He was a deadshot with a sniper but was also brutal with a shotgun. He was a monster standing 6 foot three inches tall and had unbelievable strength. However although brutal, He was loyal. Always willing to help the Empire no matter what happened. As a whole, he was a true spartan.

Other Significant Details (What makes your character unique?) - Brutal in war and has dead-shot accuracy but respectful towards people who rank higher than him in the empire.