1. Unbroken Sovereignty v0.6

    Another few changes for today...

    Sovereignty v0.5.2 to v0.6
    • Reduced attackers' phase 1 sniper respawn from 150 seconds to 120 seconds.
    • Rearranged attackers' initial DMRs and set all to 2 spare clips, 30 second respawn.
    • Adjusted
  2. Anchor 9 v1.1

    Some moderate changes...

    Anchor 9 v1 to v1.1
    • Removed Active Camouflage.
    • Put two Jetpacks, one outside of each large shield door.
    • Added four DMRs, one beneath each base and two along the center.
    • Adjusted DMR runtime
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  3. Titan Park v2 and Cardinal v1.3

    One from last week and one from this week...

    Titan Park v1.2 to v2

    • Minor kill boundary adjustment.

    Cardinal v1 to v1.3
    • Added aesthetic structure to top mid.
    • Added railings at specific
  4. Anchor 9 v1, Highlands v2, Tritan v4, and Titan Park v1.2

    Wow, I got behind on these... So, four maps have been updated, here is a summary for each:

    Anchor 9 v0.9.1 to v1
    • Minor objective adjustments.
    • Additional Oddball spawn location.
    • Additional
  5. Tritan v2 and Zealot v1

    Just prior to the battles, some last-minute changes were made. Again, just polishing it.

    Tritan v1.6 to v2
    • Minor kill zone adjustments.
    • Minor terrain adjustments.

    Zealot v0.9.4 to v1
    • No notable
    Tags: tritan, zealot
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