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  1. The Khvostov Project Intro and Day 1

    So about a month ago I got my Xbox One, Halo MCC, and Destiny. I quickly became addicted to Destiny. Got my Titan to Level 26 within two days and level 30 only a few days later. Last week, I got a Warlock to level 27 (thanks Xur). Now I am working ...
  2. The New One

    Hey to the person who is reading this post I like to say that its good to be a member of the Forerunner conflict. I am new so I might be asking for some help and also I like to say that the brother hood has been losing some games latey but I like to ...
  3. I like guys

    No fat guys
    No Gingers
    No Black Guys
    No dumb guys
    No rude guys
    No shirt guys
    No creep guys
    No Anarchy guys
    No fem guys
    No Momma guys
    No small guys
    No dead guys

  4. MUSIC VIDEO!!!!

    So I had to share with the world including FC that I took part in my very first music video!!!!!! YAY!!!! No i wasn't the artist...yet...more on that all some other day....but yea I had a few special parts in the music video woot woot! As soon as it ...
  5. Update on my life and stuff

    I'm sitting here constantly refreshing my Origin window waiting for the Titanfall beta to finally pop up. It's getting boring and it's been a LONG while since I have used this thing. Might as well write a quick little blurb.

    So, some of ...
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