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  1. Album CSS and Soft-Deleted Items

    So I finally decided to keep a pseudo-log of most of the minor changes made to the site...

    I fixed the Album styles a bit. Before it had very bright borders and backgrounds around images, and the contrast was painful to the eyes. ...
    Website Bug-Fixing
  2. Tritan v0.9.5 and Cardinal v0.9.4

    We had a Forge Committee meeting earlier today, and went over the maps. First off was Tritan.

    Tritan From v0.9.3 to v0.9.4

    • Numerous modifications to kill boundaries.
    • Minor terrain adjustments.
    • Minor objective

    Updated 07-27-2011 at 01:59 AM by Mythonian

    Tags: cardinal, tritan
    Recent Map Updates
  3. Gone for a bit

    Just letting you guys know I will be gone starting tomorrow from XBL and my internet access will become somewhat limited until July 31st to August 1st; heading to the beach.

  4. Writers: The Character

    There's a lot of Halo/Sci-fi writers on the site, and since I'm one of them I thought I'd give some advice when you write up your story. This particular blog centers around the character.

    Now, I know everyone loves their awesome General-rank ...
  5. A Gentleman's Conversation: Log Forty-Five

    While in the midst of writing "The Fires of Heaven", I thought about Mendicant Bias and the Terminals, and how he began his descent to rampancy. Inspired by those conversations, I wrote the following up based upon them. Perhaps in the future, ...
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