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  1. Aerospace v0.9.5 and Emerald Tower v0.9.5

    Following some testing on both maps and some feedback from participants, I adjusted some features of the maps. Emerald Tower went through numerous iterations prior to being posted about (which is why the version change is so drastic).

  2. Hemorrhage v1.1

    After some pre-battle testing, we made a few adjustments to Hemorrhage. Then, after the Battles, we made some more, not-so-minor adjustments.

    Hemorrhage v0.9.1 to v1

    • Conquest territory inside the red
    Tags: hemorrhage
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  3. Viery Plaza v2.1

    Some changes to facilitate movement around the maps and also some balance issues...

    Viery Plaza v2 to v2.1
    • Enlarged side door for the garage.
    • Added a jump up from the garage side door to second level of the base.
    • Moved
    Tags: viery plaza
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  4. Oh-h-h-okay then.

    I ate a big red candle.

  5. Unbroken Sovereignty v0.6

    Another few changes for today...

    Sovereignty v0.5.2 to v0.6
    • Reduced attackers' phase 1 sniper respawn from 150 seconds to 120 seconds.
    • Rearranged attackers' initial DMRs and set all to 2 spare clips, 30 second respawn.
    • Adjusted
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