• NEW SITE. Now What?

    I would like to first thank Metkil for his hard work and dedication to make this possible. I am no techy Guru, but what I am going to explain what will be happening in the upcoming weeks.

    WE HAVE A TWITTER! For those of you who have been left in the dark, we are on twitter. So you should follow us, in case the site goes down, or if we want you to get on reach. Important stuff. Hopefully this button will be placed permanently somewhere on the new site. CLICK THE BUTTON. Thanks HG for making it.


    RIBBONS FOR ALL! Thats right we have new community ribbons that everyone can obtain check them out here

    Oh but before I go on let me tell you who will be Officially the New Field Marshal's going into Halo Reach.



    May the new field marshal's lead the first Halo Reach War with pride and honor for their armies. So now that is out of the way, lets begin this process.

    Everybody who is not a Forerunner or Field Marshal will be regular members until they post in here http://fcwars.net/forums/forumdispla...istment-Office

    and sign up for whatever army you wish to join. From there, you will be staying as a neutral member until the Field Marshal's have been through a Halo Reach boot camp, and have picked their High Command. And yes. EVERYONE will be going through a Halo Reach Boot Camp sometime in October of 2010.

    I would like to point out that there are many new features, and Metkil will be posting the gist of them in the near future, use this time to explore. ALSO TONIGHT at 7PMEST there is a battle between the RVBW Community. So sign on Halo 3 tonight.

    In closing, I would like to give credits to the following people:

    Metkil For purchasing software and making the new site
    Dr Doom for making the ENTER button
    Recanz (SGTWIIFREAK) for making the Community Ribbons
    Mededust for making the battle map (soon to come) and the user group images
    and if I forgot anyone who contributed to the site making, please let me know. Happy Exploring!
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