• FC Update 1.0

    Reach is only 2 Days away, and I think I speak for most of you when I say. WOOOOO! HOOO! Yeah, sure its pretty exciting stuff, Halo Reach is the final halo game from Bungie (so they claim). A new start for Halo, and its also a new start for Forerunner Conflict. This is my 1st of many updates, so lets GET TO IT!

    Familiarize yourself with the Accords.
    Ribbons! How do we obtain them?
    When will we kick off the 1st Halo Reach War?
    The Bugs. Are they all gone?

    The FC Accords

    In the past, Forerunner Conflict had spread rules all over the forums, You would have to search high and low. For those who are new, These accords are all of our Rules and Regulations for Battles, Forums, pretty much everything. For those who have not even peeked at these Accords, Well i got news for you. When we begin our new war in Reach, All rules will take in effect, and if you don't know a certain rule, it will be your own fault. By joining an army, you acknowledged that you agree to our terms, and will abide by those rules or suffer the consequences. The War Council and High Command worked hard to provide a new experience, the least you can do, is to familiarize yourself with these rules. Because when that day comes when you say " OH ugh, well I didn't know that rule existed." We will all point at the accords. They can be found in the rules and regulations. I will even provide a link FC ACCORDS

    Community Ribbons

    Most are wondering about these neat looking gif images that people have in their sigs lately. Let me 1st Re-direct you to this: RIBBON LIST Nice right? Now you are probably wondering how do I get a gif image displaying my lovely ribbon achievements. Our good friend LocoCrazyy has offered to provide a gif image with all of your Ribbons that you achieve in your FC Career. This is the best we can offer as of now, but we do plan on taking the burden off loco sometime in the future. We plan on having the ribbons displayed in your profile, or under your user group image. When we get solid feedback on how we will approach this, I will update you on it. For now, If you believe you deserve any of the ribbons, MESSAGE a Forerunner and we will give you a list of Ribbons that you achieved. Let us know if we miss any, and we will pass the information along to Loco.

    The Next War

    I am starting to already get the question on when will the next war begin. Well, I can honestly say, I have no real idea. But I can give you a timeline in which I plan on getting the ball rolling.

    In 2 days Reach is released, and everyone, including myself will be worrying about Campaign and Multiplayer. This will probably last a few months, and we will host many Campaign/Firefight/Custom game nights for the community.

    My initial plan is to start putting Soldiers into a Boot Camp in the 1st weeks of October. YES! everyone even the Field Marshals will be going through a boot camp. The Forerunner will run the 1st sets, and then going down the chain of command, field marshals and officers will then run them.

    In November of 2010 My goal is to have made all gametypes/picked maps for each army, and we will then begin our "BETA WAR" This will be a phase in which we will have mock battles to test gametypes and maps.

    It won't be probably till December or January in which we will officially begin the 1st Halo Reach War. Starting up wars in a new game does take time, so during this time we ask you to be patient and just have fun within the community events we will be hosting.

    THE BUGS! They die?

    As you notice we have a shiny new skin, thanks to metkil. It seems he wasn't dead after all. He states most of the bugs was a skin issue, so we got a new one, and for the most part, most of the bugs are gone. To our affiliates: We do know the affiliate banner scroll is not showing, and we are working to put you all in a section of our site in the future.

    But for now if any more bugs arise, as always post in the BUG REPORT THREAD

    I now leave this update with one of my favorite sodas + the best sport of all time. BEST COMMERCIAL EVER

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