• FC Update 1.2

    Three updates in a single day? You better believe it.

    A lot is happening at the moment, and you should expect additional updates (not 3 in a single day, though) in the next few weeks as we continue to improve this website and add in more functionality. There is a lot to do, and we are working as fast as we can to get it all done before the wars start.

    As Raz mentioned in his previous update this morning (FC Update 1.0), Loco has been offering to make gifs for people to display their ribbons. Also as he mentioned, he wanted them to be, instead of in the sig, to be above the usergroup images. That is what I've been working on for the last five hours or so.

    If you qualify for a ribbon, you can request to have it added above your usergroup. To do this, go to your User Control Panel (click Settings at the top of the page). Select "Permission Groups" on the left side, under the "My Account" section. Then, check the "Join Group" option for the ribbon you qualify for. Scroll down and click "Join Group" under the list. Repeat for each ribbon you qualify for.

    Please do not request ribbons that you do not qualify for. Each and every request is moderated by an Admin. After making a request, please be patient as we go through the hundreds of requests we will be getting in the next few minutes. You should see it by your name after a few minutes

    Additionally, once your request is accepted, please remember to remove the ribbons from your signature if you have them there.

    Have fun, and expect more updates in the future!

    And remember:

    <\\: KEEP IT CLEAN :\\>

    BLUE Field Marshal
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