• FC Update 1.5

    OK, This update is going to answer a lot of questions about a lot of things. People will be happy, sad, and other people are going to be MAD AS HELL. But that is life, and those people should learn to deal with it. I myself will try my hardest to not break my keyboard as I am typing this update. I am going to start with good things, because we all need good things in our lives, and end with probable upsetting news for other people (depending on your views)


    I L-O-V-E new things. We have a few new things to talk about in the world of Forerunner Conflict. Last Update, Mr. Metkil posted something about this crazy thing called VBOOKIE. It is a place where you can make your own bets, and wager a thing called VCash, which is virtual money. You can use the cash you earn for... well, NOTHING right now. But we will be coming out with at least one thing you can buy. We will need more ideas though, so if you have any ideas for what you can spend your VCASH on, Suggest something.

    Next I would like to talk about the Update's themselves. I wanted to change the format of them to make them look more like Bungie's Weekly updates, but I need some help. That is where YOU come in. I would like to use screen-shots the community is using, so if you have any epic screenshots, link me some in a Private Message, and I will use them in the next update. After every update i would like to have a "BLAME STOSH" Video (someone in FC gave this idea, and liked it). I was thinking on calling the segment "BLAME Metty" as in Blame Metkil, cuz its always his fault . I need your help on the blame metty videos as well. Submit a clip no greater then 1 Minute (or around 1 Minute) to me, and will use the video's in all my future updates ( I will use all of the ones I get).

    Lastly, we have new Smileys. For some reason I am obsessed with smileys, so went hunting for a few.. here are some of my new favorites...
    Feel free to suggest any other smiley's you would like to see.


    So I have been getting a few messages about boot camps, and when they will take place, and who do I have to contact.

    Well, the Forerunners already started the process. In my last update I explained what was going to happen. But I will give you an update on the current matter.

    Field Marshals have officially went through a boot camp, and now are officially FIELD MARSHALS. The next phase is getting all High Command members through boot camp, by Saturday, and it seems that I have not been contacted by the Field Marshals YET to let me know when their troops are ready. After the High Command goes through Basics, then the High Command will put all Officers in Boot camps, and then Officers can put all Enlisted through Boot Camps, and we will be back to normal.

    On a side note, when Officers go through boot camp, I will post an army basic boot camp outline in each army's Boot Camp section for reference.

    Rules are a Changing

    Forerunners will now get to be part of an Army. That's right. But dear old Raz won't be in an army. NOOO SIR. I need to keep the peace. This is a new amendment.
    Amendment III

    1. Forerunner Participation

    1.1 A Forerunner may be part of an army during war time.
    1.2 The Forerunner may hold any rank within the army, so as long it does not interfere with the duties of a Forerunner.
    1.3 A Forerunner that joins an army will earn an official army rank.
    1.4 That Forerunner will uphold the duty of that rank, and is to not receive any "SPECIAL TREATMENT" from other soldiers from the army. He is to be treated as any other soldier.
    This is the part where some community members may take a pitch fork and torches and set our homes on fire. BELIEVE me when i say this, that this is out the goodness of our hearts, and it is the last HALO GAME. With that Said I would like to say that members who were Perma-banned in our community's History, will have a chance to redeem themselves and return. HOWEVER.. it won't be easy as just walking in and signing up, there is a process. The Forerunner's have came up with an Amendment for these members who have been permabanned. BEFORE YOU GET PISSED, I suggest you read this, and hopefully you will agree that it is fair, and you will lay down the pitchforks.

    Amendment II

    1. Permabanned Members

    1.1 All members who have been permabanned in past wars, are allowed to apply to come back into Forerunner Conflict.
    1.2 All applications will be reviewed by the War Council, consisting of all Forerunners and the respective Field Marshals of both armies.

    2. Application Form
    2.1 All members wishing to return must fill out the following application.
    2.2 Application form:
    1. Current Gamertag -
    2. Gamertag when Permabanned -
    3. Reason you were Banned from Forerunner Conflict -
    4. Why do you wish to return -
    5. Do you accept all of the terms and conditions? -
    3.Terms and Conditions

    3.1 Members who apply, will be reviewed and then voted by the War Council. All of these terms and conditions must be accepted by the user before readmission into the army will be considered.
    3.2 If the War Council approves the application, they will then vote on a Probationary Period of 30, 60, or 90 days, or any other amount they deem appropriate.
    3.3 During this Probationary Period, all posts made by the user will need to be approved by a moderator before appearing in the forums.
    3.4 No user that is on probation may participate in any official FC events.
    3.5 If the user does anything hat violated Article VI of the Accords during this period, they will be given an Ultimate Indefinite Ban from the community.
    3.6 After the end of the Probationary Period, the probationer will be returned to regular member status and will be allowed to participate in FC events.
    3.7 Following the Probationary Period, the user will be equivalent to other members, and any past transgressions will not be used as reasons for future punishments.

    Now, understand this. IF you can't understand the amendment, i will try to break it down into one sentence. "Members who were perma-banned will be put on probabation, and will only get 1 shot to not FUCK UP!"

    I don't even like the people who may or may not be coming back, but since Years have passed, we would hope some would have matured, and hopefully you all are mature to understand this. If your still upset, well this guy can tell you all about why he is upset and maybe he will give you some insight.

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