• FC Update 2.0

    Hello one and all,

    We have a large update for you guys, so sit tight and enjoy the ride. (That's what I told your collective mothers, by the way.)

    The first item on the list is: Why this is FC Update 2.0

    Well, we're entering a new phase into Halo: Reach everybody, that's why. Previous updates were on maintenance and setting up the armies... that was it. Now, in Phase 2, we're going to be setting up the wars and continuously try to bring new features and media and all sorts of goodies to you guys on a regular basis. This week is the start of a stream of weekly updates to come. You guys are going to love the media bombs we will drop in the weeks and months to come.

    Second item on the list?: FORGETACULAR!

    Starting today, the Forge Department will be getting flipping awesome assignments. I am going to assign some maps to their testing division, and then some concepts for their map creation division to create for us. We need some community maps, after all. The Forge Department of the Media Branch will have until January to complete any and all map assignments. However, the faster they finish with a map, the faster High Command and the War Council and admit it into the wars, and perhaps omit a previous map that wasn't as fun!

    If you haven't joined the Media Branch, I suggest you take a look here: http://fcwars.net/forums/forumdispla...e-Media-Branch

    What could possibly top that, you might ask?: WEB DEPARTMENT

    Until now, the Web Department has sort of been sitting there and collected a ton of dust. Not anymore. The FC Twitter and Facebook will be updated almost daily, by a good deal of members here. You will all get the latest info as it happen in FC.

    What else Angel, what else?: Videos!!!

    You guys are going to be able to submit videos to appear on the youtube page of FC. All you have to do is send a link to them to me and we'll put them on the page for you if we think it's good enough to have the FC name stamped to it. These videos can range from video game footage, commentaries, vblogs, and just plain FC fiction fun. (We know the Red FM likes to send video messages to his troops, after all.)

    Now, I will give a disclaimer to these videos:
    1). If I don't put your video on, don't take it personal. It just means you have to try another one.
    2). Send a video worth watching. If you waste my time, I won't consider your videos in the future.

    Now, about those gametypes...

    There are a few things that we, as a community, need to vote on.

    1). Armor abilities

    There are a few different theories as to how we should approach armor abilities in FC.

    Theory One: We should include all armor abilities, since obviously Bungie made them balanced. Why change what isn't broken?

    Theory Two: We should limit armor abilities to only Sprint and Evade and Jet Pack, as they are mobile armor abilities and don't provide distinct advantages when and entire team uses them in any quantity.

    Bear in mind, that armor abilities that are not a part of starting loadouts will be available on the map, provided by the Forge Department. Armor Lock, Drop Shield, Camo, and Hologram will be on the maps as power ups.

    The Community will be given a voting topic to decide on. You will have one week from today to vote in that topic. After that, a final decision will be made based on how you folks voted.

    So, now that you've told us about all these big things coming up, WHEN ARE THE WARS?

    The Wars will take place on January 9th. It is the second Sunday of January, and we should have all things finished by January 2nd.

    What are we going to do until then?

    RECRUIT! We need more people here folks. The more people we have, the more activity will spread, and the more fun media we get to use. FC isn't just a war sim now guys. It's an entire community where we have competition, media, and discussion. We now appeal to a broader audience than those who want to fight in the armies. We have a Forge Department, so recruit Forgers. We have a Video Department, so recruit people who love to make videos. There's so much more to offer the public now, and so we need you folks to bring them here.

    What else?


    The armies are going to start having events and functions that entertain and train you guys for the coming battles. Each army is required to have some sort of advanced training up. It is also recommended that each army have a few practice tournaments to see which of their fighting units is the best and most active. Incentives should be given to the unit who wins battles, recruits, and shows up for army events. Your army is your family, so start acting like it.

    Are you done writing yet? I wanna shoot something.

    Yes, I'm done writing. Get active folks, because FC is about to gear up for the fight.
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