• FC Update 3.1

    "Where have you been all my life!"

    I have shit to do, need to write a paper, and you all waited long enough, Let us get to the niddy griddy!!


    A few weeks ago I posted a POLL on if we should have halo 3 back in the wars for FC. The votes are pretty definitive, and most of you just want to stick to reach, and I understand that, and we will of course continue our wars in Halo: Reach.

    However, 16 people would like to play or help lead, and that is more then enough to start planning the Halo 3 expansion into FC. Since most of the users that wish to help lead FC Halo 3 expansion are just enlisted, their duties will not interfere with FC Halo Reach.

    How will it work?

    Simple, the users who wish to help lead this expansion must Send me a private message by the end of February on what you wish to do in the Halo 3 branch. The members who lead this campaign will have another separate forum that will be linked from this website. They will conduct their own battles, have their own battle map, and maybe even different armies, that would be up to them. They will however have battles on a different day other then Sunday. More details will be given once we get it set-up at 100%

    Please note that no one here is required to participate in the Halo 3 Branch of FC. Its optional.


    Officers of REDD AND BLUE. I have an important announcement for everyone of the rank Lieutenant and Above.

    I would like to meet with every single one of the officers for a special review on how to do basic training/ Boot Camp Properly, and how to act as an OFFICER, Failure to show up to these meetings may result in a TERMINATION of your rank.

    Why is this happening?

    1st. Frankly, it is because some of you are not acting like you should, maybe that is High Command's fault, or maybe its your fault.

    2nd. I have a feeling within the upcomming weeks, A flood of 100+ Recruits may hit us very soon, and I need you all to be on your A game. I will not go into detail on why, but lets just say it has potential to spring a lot of new faces into FC.

    When will these meetings Occur?

    ---*** FEBRUARY 17th 18th &19th--- at or around 7/8 PM EST*** MAKE a note on your calenders. If you are not on My friends list, Please send me a Friend Request with your current Rank. If I do not have room, send me a message on the site, and I will make room to add you.

    AGAIN, I will not make effort for you to attend or contact me, but whoever attends these meetings, I will make a note of, and to whoever is registered on the site, and did not show up, I will know who are. If you want the rank, show me you want it.


    Changes and Add-ons to the Accords

    Since we have a few issues with maps being played multiple times, the council had decided on the following to be added to the accords:

    If a map has been played for three consecutive battles, that map becomes "barren" for 2 battle weeks. It is unable to be attacked, it cannot be moved through, out of, or onto, no bombing runs may be launched from that map, nothing may be built or placed on it, and no brigades may act as backups from that location.
    Pretty self explanatory right? As always if you have any suggestions to our rules and regulations, feel free to speak your mind.

    Recruitment Drive Ends

    If you remember a few weeks ago I posted a RECRUITMENT DRIVE event for all of FC. The results are in, and it seems that all of you have done exceptional. However we didn't reach the goal I was hoping for.

    RED ARMY: 19
    BLUE ARMY: 22

    I will be rewarding members with vcash, to those who have recruited. Thank You again for participating. More Recruitment drives in the future.

    FC Medals/Awards and Winners

    As mentioned in Update 3.0 we will be adding on to the community ribbons with something called FC Medals. These are medals and awards that most members can achieve. I have constructed new images, and will be displayed above your user groups, with your ribbons. On a side note, if you forget how to apply for FC ribbons check Update 1.2

    Here are the current list of medals we have. If you have any more ideas on what we can add, feel free to mention any ideas in this update, or send me a Private Message

    Money HOG Medals

    BRONZE: Has gained $10,000 in VCash
    SILVER: Has gained at least $35,000 in VCash
    GOLD: Has gained at least $75,000 in VCash

    No winners this month

    MVP Medal This award is rewarded monthly to one individual a month from either army who has achieved the best Kill/Death/Assist ratio.

    Recipient: TBA (We need to double check our statbook to confirm who is the winner of the month in January)

    Medal of Honor Medals:This reward is given to a 2 FC Members every month, to active soldiers who has done something above and beyond the call of duty. 1 member from each Army gets a chance to vote. The nominations are made by the council, and the public decides on who wins from each Army.

    REDD Army Recipient: Kuhblam For stepping to become Field Marshal of REDD when the community needed him the most

    BLUE ARMY Recipient: LilxDevon For performing outstanding as his duties as colonel.

    Congratulations to the winners and TBA winners for this Month. Wait until next month for a next batch of winners. Remember, do well and be active and you may be next to achieve this great honor.

    FC Shop Update + Contest and Winner

    Last couple of updates we have had a few people submit their ideas for a T-shirt design, well I have decided that it has gone on LONG enough, and I am ready to choose my winner:

    The winner of the FC GFX Contest is ERI RI 1138

    Congratulations! I will be mailing you a T-shirt with your winning design and 3000 Vcash will be added to your account!


    Now.. Just because you didn't win, doesn't mean your design will not be used. Now the FC shop is still a work and progress, and I still need help from the Community.

    I request one member who is experienced in maintaing http://www.cafepress.com/ websites to send me a message and I will decide to give you control in maintaing and designing T-shirts and FC memorabilia. I will provide you with Images to use, Your job is to just add-remove-or upload any merchandise. It is really easy.

    Closing statement

    Well, just a small little things to be known, I still plan on having FC podcasts, just been busy with school work, so I am hoping this update helps with the need of FC craving. Battles are tomorrow! So have fun out there, and play clean. Good Luck to both REDD and BLUE. Host game nights, to get a chance to earn more ribbons, Continue to recruit as well.

    By the way... BLAME METTY..

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