• Temporary Website Closing

    As some of you may know, we recently have had issues with our web host, SiteGround. The forums have had too much of a load on our server. After a week or so of support tickets, cutting back on the forums, and optimizations, we have determined one thing. Our community is just too large for our current hosting plan.

    But Metkil, what does this mean?

    This means I have to shut down these forums temporarily. Later tonight (expect around 1800 EST) fcwars.net will link to an invisionfree forum for us to use in the down time. These forums will locked from public access (meaning only I will be able to access them). During our downtime, Highcom and myself will determine what we will do in the future. (HighCom Members, I would like to have a discussion tonight if possible. Send me an e-mail at Metkil5685@gmail.com if you will be able to have a conversation tonight.)

    There is a glint of hope for these forums though, but it requires me doing the one thing I hate to do. In order for these forums to stay, the website hosting would be updated a $60 a month plan. I personally do not have the funds for this. So I ask you the community, please donate with the fancy little button located at http://fcwars.net. If there are enough donations to keep these forums alive, I will do so with no hesitation.

    My apologies,
    Website Administrator
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