• Comic 8: Two birds, one stone.

    http://i282.photobucket.com/albums/k...209/FC0010.jpg So, I recently finished working at the job that's been preventing me from doing a lot of FC-related stuff, which means I'll now be able to actually participate in the battles (they day you have feared has finally arrived, REDDs!). However, as far as comics go, I haven't been experiencing too many funny things. If you want to fix that, and also appear in an almost pointless cameo like Andimion here, then why not invite me to play some Halo? I'd really appreciate it, I'm just so lonely...

    Also, if you don't understand what's going on in this comic, it's probably for the best.

    Also also, if you're out there, Augustus, I'd really like to discuss the matter of your physical form with you. I have some good ideas.
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