• FC Creations: Trieste Fortezza

    Trieste Fortezza [Download Map]

    Forger: BOOMERdude
    Map Summary: Symmetrical, Submarine Base
    Preferred Players: 2-6
    Weapons: Needle Rifles, DMRs, Grenade Launcher, Sniper Rifle (Shotgun in FFA)
    Style: Close Quarters, Fast Paced
    Game Types: Team Slayer, FFA

    Map Summary

    Trieste a famous Italian submarine is the Mascot for this United Nations Navy fortazza (Italian word for fort) on reach hidden behind a waterfall. The base was later abandoned when the United Nations clearly had no need for boats anymore after space travel was made easy and affordable. This area has remained hidden in the past years and current war and has yet to be found..

    This map is a close quarters small map for small teamed or free for all game play, because of the maps top of the line aesthetics and fun game play experiences BOOMERdude and his map Trieste Fortezza are the very first FC Feature.

    As soon as you step in to the playing ground of this map you will immediately notice how easy and quick it is to get a good feel of the map, you will be quickly drawn to the center where a expertly positioned and crafted Submarine will be, as distracting as it may be you will also notice different aesthetics such as the elevators which are not used for game play but merely for design and aesthetics. The key of this map whether you are playing on a team or alone is to get control of the top bunker, this area provides great sight lines around the map a higher standpoint and a power weapon placed inside. This map provides a great balance of movement and positioning, its symmetrical layout provides a competitive feel which will have you running through every possible corner. I hope you enjoy this map, check out the interview, screen shots and video below.


    Thanks for joining us. First off, how did you get started in the art of Forging?

    Well I forged 5 years ago when I first bought halo 3 and I knew the game partially because my friend owned it. When playing i discovered a website called forgehub and started to be active in the community and learned alot of secrets. From there well....... I have been a bit lazy

    Is map design something you could see yourselves doing as more than just a hobby in the future?

    Ive taken a class on it using the unreal engine and i enjoyed, do i see myself working there, no. I plan to use my smarts for engineering for the U.S. airforce.

    How does it feel to have something you created deemed worthy of a FC Feature?

    Well i have participated in the war and it is fun, I believe it was your map fuzzy we mainly played on but i feel proud knowing this big community is willing to check out one of my maps.

    What was the idea behind Trieste Fortezza?

    Truthfully i just thought to myself *dang* that waterfall would look sexy on a map. Looked up a map that would have it and couldn't find one so i was like hell ya. Took me days to come up with the idea and then i thought a submarine. After that it was just building around it and keeping the space big yet tight and organized. Ps. the name derived from one of the biggest technology advancements in submarines made by the Italians and the Italian word for fort, thus Trieste (famous submarine) and Fortezza (fort)

    How long was the construction of the map and did anything inspire you to make it?

    If you look at the map it's at a 30 degree angle two words "NEVER AGAIN" i had to do that to keep the waterfall perfectly angled and it took me 2 months. the only thing that kept me going was that sexy waterfall

    Why is the submarine purple and not yellow?

    Because I'm not a member of the Beatles and when you mix red team with blue team you get purple.

    What was your main goal with this map?

    To incorporate a 2 vs 2 map with a waterfall and submarine perfectly placed.

    Are you working on any new projects at the moment?

    well I'm working on a few a new gametype that uses flamethrowers (yes it works),
    I'm remodeling Trieste fortezza to hold 3 on 3 or 4 on 4
    and a guitar hero game type..... according to my sketches it works

    Thank you for your time. Any closing comments or shout outs?

    Map making is a B**** just saying....



    Now please enjoy this video created by the one and only Carpe Vexillum

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