• FC Update 4.0

    FC Update 4.0

    Got a small update for all you hard-working veterans and veterans in the making, so let's get down to business.

    An End to an Era

    It's always a bad time when a friend and great leader leaves us for better things.

    FC Founder and de facto leader Raz, known to us as Preston, Raz Griz and a bajillion other different names, has decided to leave the community due to issues with his XBL account. Being here for years, he's decided to finally call it quits (again.)

    For all you new folk, Raz is one of many legends in an ever-growing book for this community. You may not know many names outside your squad, but this should be one of them. Hopefully he decides to return to us in the future; if he does, it will be with open arms as always. If not, then we as a community bid him a warm goodbye and a wish for the best.

    For a link to his good-bye topic, click <<here>>.

    Punishment System Update and Clarification

    We have decided to update the punishment system to reflect our forum's set up. Furthermore, we have decided to streamline it. Here's how it will work.

    • 1st Infraction: Warning, expires after 21 days if no repeat offense
    • 2nd Infraction: 48 Hour and 1 Battle Night suspension
    • 3rd Infraction: 1 Week and 2 Battle Night suspensions
    • 4th Infraction: Permaban

    For every three weeks you remain clean starting after the end of your battle night suspension, we'll go in and take a point off your warning level. We want to encourage good behavior, and so if you change for the better you will be rewarded.

    However, don't think that this means you can just wait three weeks after your first warning and just go overboard. We WILL recognize repeat offenders, and we reserve the right at any time to make on the spot judgements concerning punishment levels. Consider yourself warned.

    Furthermore, we are going to begin cracking down on small little potshots taken at other members. You may not like what's happening and what's happened in the past, but I'm here to tell you it's not going to be put up with anymore. Consider yourself double warned, folks.

    Featured Maps

    If you didn't notice, the Media Branch and specifically the Forge Division is going to be showcasing maps annually from now on!

    The first feature, created for a map called Trieste Fortezza, can be found <<here>>.

    If you would like to have your map showcased in FC Creations, please contact Fuzzy, the division manager for the Forge Department. This is a great chance to get your name out in the community as a master forger, so get crackin' on Reach!

    Medal of Honor Recipients: August-September

    The Brotherhood Legion of United Exiles has decided to award one of it's soldiers for exceptional valor and going beyond and above the call of duty. Simultaneously, the Empire has chosen a soldier that it feels is worthy of such a generous and famous commendation. They are the following:

    Brotherhood Legion of United Exiles: Second Lieutenant Silversleek

    Empire, Royal Enforcer Deployment Division: Field Marshal GhostHammer

    Congrats to both recipients! It's always nice to have two new members for this award's group of recipients, so give them a round of applause and a pat on the back the next time you see them.

    Community Game Nights

    Forerunner Conflict will soon be posting up a random schedule of game nights for various games for the Xbox 360.

    Note there will be no set host; consider them nights where you can simply get on that game with a better chance of creating large-scale custom maps or going into match-making with a large group of friends for fun.

    We would like you guys to begin hosting game nights on your own as well, and so we have decided that you do host a game night and provide us with sufficient documentation that it occurred (i.e. game records if on Halo, people who can vouch for it taking place), we will award you Vcash! I know you guys all want to be virtual millionaires, so go out and start up some customs.

    At this time, we have not decided on how large the Vcash sum will be for holding successful game nights. All I can tell you right now is that it won't be pocket change.

    Halo: Reach Title Update

    Sorry guys, not much to tell here. This is our official statement on the matter for now.

    "The War Council will make a decision of what to include once the full update is released. This will not come into effect until next war."

    Feel free to speculate on what we plan to do in regards to the title update.

    A CONTEST?!?!?!?!111eleven? !

    Yes, a contest, gentlemen. In fact, one of many, as this will be a permanent addition to our updates. For this week, it's a simple Halo trivia one. In the future, we will do signatures, videos, writing contests etc.

    Here's the million dollar question folks. (NO, you do not get a million Vcash). Pretty easy for those of you who know how to operate Google.

    For 700 Vcash to the first five people who message me, who said this quote?

    "Huh! My ass! Well, you can forget about those adjustments to your A2 scope!"

    Remember, only the first five. I'll post when I receive enough correct answers from people.

    Next time, I'd get your photoshop skills sharpened. Won't be as easy with Google as an ally.


    That's about it for now, ladies. Stay tuned for future announcements.

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