• War Update: R.E.D.D. Forfeit and Ending

    FC War Update

    Last night after battles, myself and the rest of the War Council came together for an impromptu forty-five minute meeting.

    We have essentially deduced the following: the R.E.D.D. does not have the operational capacity and activity to continue a meaningful war against the Brotherhood. That conclusion was reached by a number of reasons and facts, but in any rate the High Command of R.E.D.D. believes it cannot continue due to lack of qualified leaders and activity issues due to the numerous Triple-A game titles that have come out and will continue to come out. Numbers are already down, and R.E.D.D's leadership feels it will continue to drop in strength. The following was not an easy decision to make on behalf of R.E.D.D's High Com's part, but it will leave some time for R.E.D.D. to rebuild it's numbers in the coming weeks and prepare to fight on a more even keel. Well, here we go.


    Field Marshal GhostHammer officially forfeited Imperial forces on Reach at 9:46pm EST last night to Field Marshal Maxdoggy and the B.L.U.E. is victorious on Reach, thus ending another war in Forerunner Conflict.


    That being said, I would like to congratulate the B.L.U.E. on another well-fought war. It has been fairly even up until this point, and I am under the impression that if R.E.D.D. was in a better state, this war would have lasted way past Christmas. We do not plan to be in peace time extremely long, but a time table has not yet been set to re-initiate hostilities and it will most likely be at least a month.

    I know there will be many of you in R.E.D.D. who feel you could have kept fighting, but this is a decision on the basis of your High Command and I feel it is a wise one. This will give us time to move on to better and bigger things, and we have numerous additions to this community we will be adding in the future that you should keep an eye out. Overall, it'll be a recovery period with some goodie bags. Game nights will be common place, and I hope you guys all get ready to start beating each other up on Battlefield or talk Skyrim Chatter over Xbox Live.

    Once again, congratulations to the B.L.U.E. and pats on the back for R.E.D.D. who fought so hard this war.

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