• FC Status Update (Very Important, Please Read!)

    FC Status Update

    Due to financial circumstances and a host of other things, our primary website caretaker and current Forerunner Metkil5685 will be stepping down from his position and retiring. You should all thank him for his lengthy service and devotion; without him, many of the things we have could not have been realized. He's a true veteran of numerous wars, and his retirement is a well-deserved one.

    As an unfortunate side effect, however, he will no longer be hosting our website. This has put a constraint on us, as we only have until the end of the month to continue utilizing this website. This is not something that can be avoided or delayed, and donations/advertising will be disabled.

    However, fear not. Your friendly neighborhood robot Mythonian and the rest of the administration team is looking into options and we WILL have something ready for you guys to use. I will keep you all updated as we make progress. If you feel like you can help in any way, shape or form, please direct your concerns to Skynet.

    Officers and squad leaders, I suggest that you begin saving important documents and the like for when we transfer so that the transition will be as smooth as possible. I have already asked/instructed the War Council and High Command to begin saving vitals documents such as the Accords, etc. which I am helping to do.

    Again, do not freak out. This is a minor setback that we'll have to work around and I don't want to people to start whining "Hold me, Kuhblam!"


    Underage Member Policy Updated

    We have decided to update our underage member policy.

    From now on, a Forerunner may review an underage member to join our community if the Field Marshal requests it or if the member in question is a sibling of a current member. We feel that there may be a select few young ones out there who may yet have something to offer to our community.

    However, I have instructed the Field Marshals that these case-by-case reviews will be sparse and few in-between; I do not want to be flooded with requests from every underage prospect who decides he wants to take a crack at our armies. Because of this, DO NOT begin forwarding your respective High Command with requests from people you recruit whom you didn't check the age for first.

    This policy has been in effect as of a week ago and will be added into the updated Accords when they are released.

    War Start Date

    The War Council in coordination with both High Commands has decided upon a war start date.

    That date is the following:

    January 8th, 2011

    I share the sentiment of my fellow Forerunners and the remainder of the administration team that this is an appropriate date based on several different factors we have taken into account. I will continue to monitor the progress of both armies; if the Forerunners deem so we will convene the war that Sunday. If we do not feel both sides are ready the war will be further delayed. Gentlemen, make sure your respective sides are prepared for war so we can make this next Forerunner Conflict a good one.


    That's it for now. I will continue to keep you all updated on our website situation.

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