• Important Website Update

    Guys, I hate to say this, but it's gonna happen and there's nothing I can do right now.The website will be going down within the next week or so. My bank account has had fraudulent activity and it has been frozen until it resolves. With this, I also have my card I use to pay for the website frozen. This being said, I will be unable to process a transaction with SiteGround (our host). All of this combined means, the website will go down sooner then I was even expecting. However, there are two things that can occur.First, if you guys rally together and get $60 into my PayPal account via donations, I will be able to pay off the website for the month using PayPal rather then my card.Second, should we be not able to get the $60, I will throw a quick free forum for you guys to use until I get this all sorted out.Guys, I am truly sorry. I just learned of this a few moments ago. As I should I as heard my account was frozen, I went right to my computer to give you guys this message.Best Regards,Metkil5685
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