• What just happened?!

    Oh boy, this is gonna be a fun update.

    First off, Happy New Years everyone.

    Second, last night the website was hacked using a compromised administrator account. This account has been dealt with and should not be an issue anymore. When this happened last night all the forums and their contents were deleted and replaced with questionable content. After dealing with the account I immediately went to establishing the backups to the website. Here's where I screwed up big time. I had an automatic database backup going for every week on Friday. When I went to apply the backup to the website, I noticed something interesting. The database size was "N/A." Basically it didn't exist. This being said, I had to use the most recent manual backup, which was a month ago when I transferred the website to this server.

    I deeply apologize for this and I will make amends for this (starting with manual backups every other day).

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