• FC Update 4.2

    This is a re-post following the reversion to a backup. Not all links will work.

    FC Update 4.2

    The Christmas Update(!)

    So us in High Command the the War Council haven't said much in awhile.

    If you're finally off of your sugar high (or drinking binge), and settled down after a good (or not-so-good) Christmas, we've got a few things to get up-to-date...


    At the start of the month, you might remember that the site went down for almost a week straight as we migrated servers. Metkil, wearing a bright red suit, came around and managed to run the gauntlet to get the site running again.

    While he did have some difficulties and it took a bit longer than expected, it was well worth it. We've lowered our monthly bills from $60 all the way down to $20!

    However, that doesn't mean donation's aren't still being accepted! If you're willing to help Metkil out a bit, put on the red suit yourself and donate a couple bucks to keep the site running! Maxdoggy did it, and so can you!

    Keep in mind, though, that while we are paying less, we also have less. We are no longer on a dedicated server, so expect slightly longer loading times and such. Also, if we have a sudden spike in spambots or anything along those lines, it might drop the site... (not likely to happen anytime soon, so rest easy).


    We in High Command and the War Council have been working a good bit recently.

    In this hectic time between two wars where we're constantly trying to finalize every detail for the next war, leadership changes can be a bit stressful. However, they still happen. And while this may not be news to very many of you, it still deserves a mention:

    As of 12/18/11, EAGLE has replaced Ghosthammer as REDD Field Marshal.

    Good luck to him, and here's to hoping he can get REDD back on their feet following their surrender last war.


    I guess you can consider this a late Christmas present... If you want.

    This is the fruits of our labor for part of the last few months.

    ^^Clickity Click!

    If you're still reading this, then that means you probably expect something more. Is that not a good enough present?

    I guess not...

    Very well, how about some virtual moniez...?

    1. For anyone that points out any typos within The Accords, Revision 3, I'll give you 500 vCash (per typo found)!
    NOTE: The above is no longer valid. All typos have been found.

    Woah! Now isn't this fun!

    Hmm... I'm still in the Christmas mood it seems... How about some more opportunities?

    2. Any and all donations made to the website between now and January 1st will be rewarded with twice the vCash! Instead of only getting 500 vCash per $1, now you'll get 1,000 vCash! (and also you'll get a sweet ribbon!)

    Isn't giving and receiving fun!? Give me a typo or give Metkil a dollar and get virtual money!

    Disappointed? Did you not get the present you wanted?

    Fine, I'll pull out the present that everybody wants deep down... But only one of you can get it!

    3. Attend VerbotenDonkey's Custom Games Forever event and you'll be entered for a chance to win something no one in this community has. There are only about 10 or so of these things in existence, and you'll get one for yourself. I won't spoil what it is until I determine the winner (which will be following the conclusion of the event). For every custom game during the event that you participate in, you'll be entered another time! Play lots of games to increase your chances of winning!

    Some New Friends

    Please welcome our new affiliate, BlackWatch! Their leader, BW LEGACY contacted us last week about a possible affiliation, and after a short discussion we ended up as affiliates.

    They are a group of gamers very similar to our own community. Their Honor Code is a miniature version of our Accords, effectively. They focus on respect, sportsmanship, and want to have fun. I'm pretty sure that is something all of us can get behind.

    So head on over to their site at http://www.blackwatchhq.com/ and say hello. They focus on Halo Reach, Gears of War 3, and Modern Warfare 3, so if you want some people to play with while on other games, hit them up and get to know them, you just might like what you find!

    Don't forget, the War starts January 8th at 6:00 PM EST! Be there! (Initial Attack Plans will be due Tuesday, January 3rd).

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