• FC Update 4.3 (Important, Please Read!)

    FC Update 4.3

    Howdy, folks. Two small but very important announcements you should be aware of.

    Also, sorry SpartanBH. I think I ate your chocolate squirrel.

    Slight Weapons Leak

    As you all know, our website had a pretty major hiccup last night. For the full details of how that Mexican Standoff occurred and the immediate aftermath, check out Metty's update <<here>>. We are very certain of who it was, so rest assured. Feel free to speculate, but at this time we will not be releasing or tossing out any names. If you do for some reason know, we ask that you respect that privacy until we feel the need to make a name public.

    That being said, we've reverted to a month old backup of the website, meaning any accounts created since then have been deleted and any/all posts created since then have been deleted as well. If you guys want to re-post Merry Christmas for everyone, I've got nothing against you.

    If your user group is incorrect or you are not in the right army (many of you switched between during that month-long time period), if you are missing VCash, etc., please post in the Official Forum Restore Topic. Make sure to tell anyone you've recruited who's account may have been deleted to re-register as well.

    In any rate, a lot of work done on the forums has since been erased and it'll take awhile to get back to normalcy. Luckily, we have copies of the major documents so that's not a major problem, but the Field Marshals and their HighComs did a lot of work re-arranging their forums and getting set with updates etc. In response to that, take a look at what's below.

    Wars Delayed

    R.E.D.D. High Command has requested a delay of the war start date due to problems caused by the recent website hack that have reverted a lot of work done. The Forerunners also feel that B.L.U.E. could use a delay of game handicap as well.

    As a result, the War Council is pushing back the start date to give both sides more time to prepare for the war. That date is the following:

    January 15th, 2012 at 6:00pm EST

    Continue with your preparations, gentlemen. The time for cracked shields and splintered armor is coming up very fast and you need to make sure every man in your armies are ready for the war.

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