• Comic 18: Opening Arguments

    Comic 18
    Congrats to BLUE for holding the line last week. I know things seem off-balance now, but I have confidence that REDD army still has a lot of potential.

    Also, this time around, I'm going to need to ask some things of you guys. I made a list:

    1- Please provide some good feedback. One-word compliments don't help me too much.
    2- Point out anything I missed. If I make a mistake in pen, I have to use MS Paint to fix it, and I often forget to do that.
    3- No flaming. I make jokes, not war. Things'll turn out fine, you'll see.
    4- Someone name the big aliens from Mass Effect that have to say what their emotions are before speaking. All I can think of are the Hanar, and those are the jellyfish, right?

    Thank you for your time.
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