• FC:Rev3 Pre-Battle Briefing (01/22/12) #02

    I hope you've all been preparing for this week. Will Imperial troops halt the BLUE advance and begin their own offensive, or will the Brotherhood forces manage to secure a dominate control over the border territories? It is for you to decide!

    Check out the "(Live) Battle Results and Status Updates" section for the announcement of the official FC livestream of the event! (Hosted by Metkil!)

    Please pay attention to the new gametype Occupation, which is explained in the Gametype Details section. You may find it useful at throwing your opponents off their game, since few have had a chance to practice with the gametype very much.

    Second Battle of the Third War
    22 January 2012

    • Attack Plans were posted on 18 January 2012, at 01:38 AM EST.
    • Battle Results will be posted following the conclusion of the Battle Night.

    Summary of Attacks

    • BLUE attacks Emerald Tower (6v6; sym).
      • Best 6 of 11 games.
      • To be played first.

    • REDD attacks Aerospace (4v4; sym).
      • Best 8 of 15 games.
      • To be played second.

    vBookie Events

    Battle Night Coordinator

    • Mythonian will be the Battle Night Coordinator for this Battle. (Gamertag: Mythonian)
    • The Battle Night Coordinator assists the Army Commanders in setting up games and records the results.
    • Following the conclusion of a game, the squad COs should send the result to the Battle Night Coordinator. Be sure to include which army won and the final score.

    (Live) Battle Results and Status Updates

    • Stay tuned to the following sites for semi-live updates and results.
    • Twitter @FC_Wars
      • I'll try to use this more often this week. Last week I got a bit overwhelmed with everything.
      • Follow @FC_Wars for continued updates about when testing sessions will be held throughout the week.

    • FC:Rev3 Statbook
      • Use the built-in Chat Room feature for conversing about the battle results.

    • Forerunner Conflict Livestream
      • Yup, we're going to start an official livestream of events!
      • If any FC members are streaming the event from their perspective, contact us and we'll feature your stream.
      • Thanks to Metkil for setting it up and managing it!
      • He is having microphone issues at the moment, so tonight's stream will only have background music playing, in addition to the livestream audio.
      • Future streams will include live commentary and status reports about how the Battles are progressing and such.

    Map Details and Status

    • Emerald Tower
      • Symmetric 8v8 map.
      • Community-forged map made by Sangheili Ekim.
      • Power weapons include:
        • 1 Rocket Launcher (180 second respawn, 1 spare clip): bottom middle, under the main tower.
        • 2 Grenade Launchers (120 second respawn, 4 spare clips): at the side bases, between the overlook towers and the mancannon towers.
        • 2 Sniper Rifles (120 second respawn, 1 spare clip): at the main bases, near the objective room.
        • 2 Shotguns (120 second respawn, 1 spare clip): in the rock formations between the spawn areas and the main tower.

      • Armor Abilities: 2 Armor Locks, 1 Dropshield.

    • Aerospace
      • Symmetric 6v6 map.
      • Community-forged map made by Resivore.
      • Power weapons include:
        • 1 Rocket Launcher (180 second respawn, 1 spare clip): atop the bridge overlooking bottom middle.
        • 1 Shotguns (120 second respawn, 1 spare clip): opposite the Rocket Launcher, in an alcove.

      • Armor Abilities: 1 Armor Lock, 2 Holograms, 1 Active Camouflage.

    More Details: Emerald Tower; Aerospace.

    Gametype Details

    • FC:Rev3 v1 or v1.1 gametypes will be used.
    • Semi-new gametype Occupation is replacing Capture Point.
      • King of the Hill variant.
      • Hill moves to a random location very 60 seconds.
      • You must stay inside the hill to earn time.
      • Having multiple members inside the hill simultaneously earns bonus points.

    • Supported gametypes:
      • Conflict v1
      • Liberation v1
      • Neutral Flag v1
      • Sabotage v1
      • Neutral Bomb v1
      • Hill 30 v1.1
      • Conquest v1.1
      • Occupation v1
      • Oddbomb v1

    • TU setting of 85% bloom will be in effect. Other TU changes are also in effect.

    More Details: Official Gametypes.

    Battle begins at 6:00 PM EST! Good luck to both armies, and be sure to have some fun tonight!
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