• Forerunner Conflict LIVE!

    Just throwing this out to everyone. The battles of Forerunner Conflict are (Semi)Live!You have 3 different options to join us level from the comfort of your PC.Option 1: Forerunner Conflict LIVE! hosted by Twitch.tv. Join myself and other members of Forerunner Conflict as provide live entertainment throughout the night. Join us at: twitch.tv/forerunnerconflictOption 2: Live Statbook! Watch the results of the battle live as they come in. Join Myth and myself as discuss the battle results live. Click here to go to StatbookOption 3: Find a member who is Livestreaming right from their PoV in game. I will update people who are livestreaming as they come.Just because your not fighting doesn't you shouldn't be left out! Come join us LIVE!
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