• FC:Rev3 Pre-Battle Briefing (01/29/12) #03

    As Brotherhood forces secure their border region, they've launched an assault to test the inner region of REDD-controlled territory. Will the Imperial forces stand strong, repel this invasion, and step forward into the border region to retake their lost territory, or shall the Brotherhood secure a forward position with which to end this war early?

    If you are planning to livestream your perspective for tonight's Battles, we would like to feature your stream, so please get in contact with either myself or Metkil5685!

    Third Battle of the Third War
    29 January 2012

    • Attack Plans were posted on 25 January 2012, at 12:21 AM EST.
    • Battle Results will be posted following the conclusion of the Battle Night.

    Summary of Attacks

    • BLUE attacks Contact (4v4; sym).
      • Best 8 of 15 games.
      • To be played second.

    • REDD attacks Emerald Tower (6v6; sym).
      • Best 6 of 11 games.
      • Due to Ambush, REDD chooses gametypes.
      • To be played first.

    vBookie Events

    Battle Night Coordinator

    • Mythonian will be the Battle Night Coordinator for this Battle. (Gamertag: Mythonian)
    • The Battle Night Coordinator assists the Army Commanders in setting up games and records the results.
    • Following the conclusion of a game, the squad COs should send the result to the Battle Night Coordinator. Be sure to include which army won and the final score.

    (Live) Battle Results and Status Updates

    • Stay tuned to the following sites for semi-live updates and results.
    • FC:Rev3 Statbook
      • Use the built-in Chat Room feature for conversing about the battle results.

    • Forerunner Conflict Livestream
      • Continuing from last week, we'll have a
      • If any FC members are streaming the event from their perspective, contact us and we'll feature your stream.
      • Just by the way, any streams featured will have a delay on them, so anyone watching a stream will not be able to affect the game's result.
      • Thanks to Metkil for setting it up and managing it!

    Map Details and Status

    • Emerald Tower
      • Symmetric 6v6 map.
      • Community-forged map made by Sangheili Ekim.
      • Power weapons include:
        • 1 Rocket Launcher (180 second respawn, 1 spare clip): bottom middle, under the main tower.
        • 2 Grenade Launchers (120 second respawn, 4 spare clips): at the side bases, between the overlook towers and the mancannon towers.
        • 2 Sniper Rifles (120 second respawn, 1 spare clip): at the main bases, near the objective room.
        • 2 Shotguns (120 second respawn, 1 spare clip): in the rock formations between the spawn areas and the main tower.

      • Armor Abilities: 2 Armor Locks, 1 Dropshield.

    • Contact
      • Symmetric 4v4 map.
      • Community-forged map made by Mythonian.
      • Power weapons include:
        • 1 Rocket Launcher (180 second respawn, 1 spare clip): atop the central bridge.
        • 2 Sniper Rifles (120 second respawn, 1 spare clip): Below each base, in the maintenance tunnel.

      • Overshield (120 second respawn): Below the Rocket Launcher.
      • Armor Abilities: 2 Armor Locks, 2 Holograms, 2 Jet Packs.
      • If you're using the Jet Packs, I recommend not trying to get outside of the map. You'll find death if you do.

    More Details: Emerald Tower; Contact.

    Gametype Details

    • FC:Rev3 v1 or v1.1 gametypes will be used.
    • Supported gametypes:
      • Conflict v1
      • Liberation v1
      • Neutral Flag v1
      • Sabotage v1
      • Neutral Bomb v1
      • Hill 30 v1.1
      • Conquest v1.1
      • Occupation v1
      • Oddbomb v1

    • TU setting of 85% bloom will be in effect. Other TU changes are also in effect.

    More Details: Official Gametypes.

    Battle begins at 6:00 PM EST! Good luck to both armies, and be sure to have some fun tonight!

    Officer Interviews

    Major UNLUCKY NUM13ER of the REDD forces had the following to say -

    Q: How do you believe the War Effort is going for the Imperials?

    A: I believe that REDD army could be doing better, but we still have plenty of fight left in us. Week 1 REDD only got one win, however during Week 2 we were able to gather 4 wins. We also had many, many tied games and a few very close losses. After reviewing saved films of a few of the games I can say that we know what could have been improved and we have been training hard to prepare for this upcoming Sunday.

    Q: How do the Imperials plan on defeating the Brotherhood this week? What sort of new additions are the Imperials using to counter the Brotherhood, if any?

    A: Well I don't want to give away our battle plans, but all REDD squads should know advantage points to each map and various tactics on how to gain an edge over BLUE. Also Field Marshal Gargoyle, Lieutenant General VerbotenDonkey, and I have all recently completed I Ghosthammer I's METEOR instructor program and will begin to take REDD soldiers through this training operation.

    Q: Do you believe the Imperials can overcome the knock-backs of the War so far? If so, what must they do?

    A: Yes, if you look at the war map you'd see that BLUE only has 2 of our maps and a long ways to go to reach our capital. If we can continue to gain more wins this week and each week after that then the rebels may be in for a nasty suprise when our soldiers are knocking on their capital's doorstep. I believe that if REDD continues to take advantage of all the tools we have at our disposal then we should be just fine.
    Special thanks to Lieutenant General VerbotenDonkey for the interview.
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