• FC Update 4.6

    FC Update 4.6

    Every glider has got to land sometime...

    The Forerunner Conflict community is like a hang glider. We'll get up to a high point, get really excited and a bit nervous, and then launch ourselves into the frontier. This would be the time in the community when we are preparing for a new era, whether it be the launch of Halo: Reach, where everyone was so excited to finally start the wars, or, on a smaller scale, the start of each individual war.

    During the glide, we'll go through periods of absolute fear as we look down, periods of pride and elation as we step back and gaze at what we're doing, and periods of boredom as we realize the glide gets pretty repetitive after awhile. This is the time during a long war, or when the current game we're playing on is starting to get boring; such as the end of Halo 3, or where we currently are in Reach, where some people would rather play other games, while others are really excited to still be able to participate.

    And then, as we go into a landing, we'd be thinking that what we just did was either awesome or a waste of time; if it was awesome, we'll do it again. If it was a waste of time, we'll go home and never give it another thought. If you thought it was awesome, then the community lives. If you think it's a waste of time, the community dies.

    Super Bowl Sunday

    This Sunday, February 5th, 2012, the Super Bowl will be occuring. Patriots vs the Giants.

    During this event, the Battle Night will be cancelled. There will be no battles this Sunday. The next Battle Night will occur on the following Sunday, February 12th, still at 6:00 PM EST.

    REDD Leadership

    After a meeting last Thursday between the High Command, War Council, and numerous veterans of the community (and also SpartanBH), the Forerunners had decided to remove EAGLE from the REDD Field Marshal position.

    In his stead, Gargoyle has been appointed Field Marshal of the REDD Army.

    He has already taken command and led REDD on this previous Battle Night. While they may have suffered a defeat, he organized his army well and set up the Battles smoothly and efficiently. In time, he will be building REDD up in hopes of stopping this merciless BLUE onslaught that has been occurring so far this war.

    The First FC:Rev3 Top 10

    With the month of January now officially over, the Top 10 for the month will be posted soon. If you are interested in where you stand, you can check out your Player Stats below:

    • REDD Player Stats
    • BLUE Player Stats

    Please note that not everything is completely up to date. We are still finishing up the games for the January 29th Battles we just had, and as soon as those are complete the Top 10 will be posted.

    Army Structures

    Before now, both armies were stuck with the old structure of: Battalions > Companies > Platoons > Squads.

    However, the War Council has recently decided that the previous system wasn't as efficient as would be preferred. In trying to brainstorm appropriate changes, it was decided that it would be wise to allow the army leaders themselves to decided the most effective system for their own armies.

    At this present time, the following are the plans of the respective army leaders:

    • Gargoyle plans on REDD Army utilizing a simplified setup of having Battalions occupied merely by Fireteams. This system is highly adaptable and should lend itself well to the process of building REDD up.
    • Fuzzy plans on BLUE Army using a system very similar to our current one, but with the removal of Platoons. Each Battalion will have two Companies, which will each have four squads. This system lends itself well to the current BLUE Officer corps and allows an easy switch to the new system due to the minor changes.

    If you are concerned, curious, or would like to make suggestions about the Army Structures, please contact your respective High Command.

    The Warmap

    Mededust has, once again, created an amazing work of art to grace our layout of maps for the war. Check it out here and remind him how awesome he is.

    Unfortunately, though, he will not be able to always do the Warmap. He is already looking for another member to replace him. If you are willing to offer your services for the betterment of the community, please get in contact with him ASAP and review his Architect thread.

    The Website and Store

    As you are all, hopefully, aware, we changed servers almost two months ago. By doing so, we were able to cut our monthly bill down to only a third of what it previously was.

    However, even though it's much less, this website is not free. The $20 a month will be coming straight out of Metkil's pocket if no one donates, and unfortunately it adds up quickly without donations. So, if you're able, we would sincerely appreciate a small donation.

    However, if you don't want to just give money away without benefiting, might I turn you toward the FC Store? Official Forerunner Conflict merchandise is available for your purchase, and 100% of all revenue goes directly to paying for the website and nothing else.

    Month in Review

    Just because I think some of you guys ignore these updates or just skim through them, I'm going to redirect you to the last two Updates we've had.

    FC Update 4.5.1 introduced the two newest Forerunners, EriRi 1138 and WSxAngel, both of whom are long-time veterans who have been in the community since Halo 2.

    FC Update 4.5 featured Raz Vicious, one of the illustrious Founders of this community. He gives an excellent speech about the community and each and every one of you should go read. If you've already read it, go read it again just because it's awesome.

    So, as we are going in for a landing, be sure to look back and say that what has happened during your time here was something amazing. Because it has been.

    A community that has existed for almost 6 years... That has gone all the way from Halo 2 to Halo: Reach, and will be heading forward into Halo 4... That simple fact alone is amazing, and it only gets better when you think about how people like Mededust and Metkil are continually trying to improve things and make this community even better so that you guys can enjoy it.

    Just like hang gliding, you are only in this community because you are having fun, even if you say to yourself that you are hating it here. If you really hated it, you wouldn't have gone gliding alongside the rest of us like you did, and like you still are.

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