• FC Update 6.0

    UPDATE 6.0
    Pre-war Update for the Fifth and Final Conflict of Reach

    Hostilities Begin

    "After a short and rather quiet peacetime, another conflict of Reach has arisen. A dispatch of R.E.D.D. soldiers have came across a massive underground base of operations within the planet of Reach in which a large force of BLUE forces were taking refuge within. Immediately after the discovery of these BLUE forces, conflict started up. Many skirmishes took place around the assumed base of operations in a location codenamed 'Vigilance'. Quickly these skirmishes grew to full fledged battles and before REDD forces could get a proper response BLUE acquired many territories and large plots of land on Reach. It appears that another full fledged war will be breaking out after war ships have been reported arriving on Reach from both factions. Current KIA is estimated over 5 thousand citizens and soldiers already, the citizens of this already planet of disarray are trapped and in shock. Many questions have arrived, How have the Brotherhood been hiding on Reach? Will the planet survive another war? We will see if any of these questions and many more will be answered, but as always this is //REDACTED// signing off...war leaves a sour taste in my mouth" -Anonymous Reporter before media blackout on Reach

    So this is Fuzzy ehh! I will be giving you your update today due to War Council's racial prejudice against Canadians. But on a more serious note, the fifth and final war of Reach has started, the first battle will be this Sunday! That means 7/15/12 at 6:00 PM EST is the first battle do not forget. I hope to see you all there and let's make the last war on Reach the best!

    New Field Marshal's

    While this may not be new news, it is important to bring up just in case somebody missed it (I am looking at you Gargoyle with your Alzheimer's)

    The Field Marshal's elected by there respective armies for the Fifth War of Reach are:

    R.E.D.D. Field Marshal: UNLUCKY NUM13ER

    B.L.U.E. Field Marshal:

    Rules of Engagement

    The Rules of Engagement is the primary document for the information related to the war simulation aspect of FC, and deals with how the war is set up and managed. This war we slightly altered the RoE of last war, we made a few minor adjustments worth checking out.

    So I present to you...
    ^^Clickit]y Click, just like last time.

    Maps, Maps, Maps

    Map selections are as follows:

    REDD -

    • Capital: Hemorrhage
    • Back Top: Tartarus
    • Back Mid: Condemned
    • Back Bot: Sanctuary
    • Front Top: Battle Canyon
    • Front Upper: Viery Plaza
    • Front Mid: Temple
    • Front Lower: Delta Facility
    • Front Bot: Midtown

    BLUE -
    • Capital: Vigilance
    • Back Top: Highlands
    • Back Mid: The Pit
    • Back Bot: Pivot
    • Front Top: Boardwalk
    • Front Upper: Arise
    • Front Mid: Titan Park
    • Front Lower: Warhorse
    • Front Bot: Pulse

    A Warmap is under construction and is expected to be up within the next few days. Keep your eyes open for that! All maps and gametypes will be on my Mythonian's Fileshare tomorrow, so if you would like to start practicing on the maps you will be able to do so. The attack plans for the first battle night will be posted on Tuesday like usual, once the initial attack plans are posted you may all donate to your army for War Bonds.

    That is all from me today, check up soon for more updates to come!

    ~Fuzzy(I like turtles!)
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