• Forge Department Reinitialization

    After a long period of inactivity and depravity, the Forge Department is being reinitialized and will participate actively in ensuring that all official FC maps are balanced and work well in all capacities.
    At this time we will not be doing miscellaneous forge projects.

    The Forge Department is open for anyone to join, assuming you are actually interested in helping out. If you will not be active or know nothing about forge, don't join.

    Members of the Forge Department will be working on editing and improving FC maps. Because of that, if any member (1) intentionally disrupts forging processes, (2) attempts to imbalance a map, (3) otherwise adjusts something unnecessarily, or (4) abuses their position or power, they will be removed from the Forge Department and may suffer additional punishment, either website-based, community-based, or army-based.

    The Forge Department will have multiple meetings each week. These meetings will be open to all members of the Forge Department. The schedule will be as follows and may be changed:
    • Thursdays from 8:00 PM EST to 10:00 PM EST.
    • Saturdays from 6:00 PM EST to 10:00 PM EST.
    • Sundays from 3:00 PM EST to 5:00 PM EST.

    We will be using Skype a lot for communication and such.

    If, due to practices or other responsibilities, you are unable to attend some meetings, that is okay. Just include those details in your Sign-Up post if it's a regular thing, or let me know on Skype, in a PM, or via XBL.

    If you are interested in joining and giving your opinions, criticism, and suggestions for the maps, do the following:
    1. Sign up at the Sign-Up thread.
    2. Download the maps. (and check my fileshare frequently for updated versions)
    3. Download the gametypes.
    4. Show up to meetings, participate in Skype conversations, and be active.
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