• FC Update 6.1

    FC Update 6.1

    Looking Forward...

    The Last Game Transition

    Two years ago, August of 2010, we were preparing for Reach to launch, setting up a variety of changes that the community would undergo, and trying to get it ready in time for the September 15th launch of Reach.

    We were all excited for it. The future was promising, especially since we finally finished the Never-Ending War on August 22nd (in an intense HC-Battle, REDD won), and everyone was eager to get Halo 3 out of the way.

    On August 29th, we moved to this current website. We changed names from Forerunner Conflict: Reborn to Forerunner Conflict: Revolutions. We had a new Rules of Engagement and the first Accords, detailing an entirely new way wars would be ran. The Armies began preparing for the new wars.

    We didn't start the first war until January 9th, 2011. After 4 months of peacetime, some people had gotten inactive and such, but the first war went through decently well.

    Last time we switched games, we had a very similar situation to what we currently have. It was a rough time, not very many people fully enjoyed themselves, and we all just wanted to get it over with.

    Now, it's effectively the same. There seems to be a pattern that the community goes through. While it may be too late to get us out of it for the end of Reach, let's all do our best to prevent us from repeating history once again in Halo 4, shall we?

    Keep Moving Forward

    This current war was started as a means to pass the time until Halo 4 was closer to release. Prior to even starting this, everyone was looking forward to Halo 4, and everyone still is.

    As everyone should be well aware, this community was started back in Halo 2. After over 6 years, we're still going strong. Think about how many groups don't even last a fraction of that length? Yet, we're far from dead and are still growing and maturing.

    We can learn from our past to continue to improve our future. Realizing our past mistakes is crucial for the success of our community. One of the major things I want to ensure we do is listen to what the community wants. We can discuss changes and propose new ideas in the War Council all day, but in the end it's the members of the community that matter the most.

    We want to move forward. We want to do something that honors our past, but overshadows it. We want to do something that everyone will enjoy, and then improve that even more. We want to take everything to a level that Forerunner Conflict hasn't reached before.

    And that requires you.

    We want feedback. We want suggestions. If you have an idea, let us know about it. Feel free to create threads in the Suggestions subforum, or even message somebody about it. We want to ensure that we consider every possibility, and so we want as many ideas as possible!

    Community Promotional Videos

    Throughout our history, we've had numerous promotional videos created.

    Well, we want even more. So, we are challenging members of the community to try their hand at it.

    We want Forerunner Conflict to make as big as a splash as Halo 4 will make on the entire Xbox Live and Halo community! We want to start Halo 4 off with a bang by getting a tremendous amount of new, eager, and respectable recruits to join our wonderful community!

    Halo's community has died out a little bit because of how long it's been since a new release of a Halo game, but with Halo 4's release, everyone and their mothers are going to be getting the game! There is going to be a huge spike in people playing Halo again, so let's make the most of this opportunity by recruiting them! And what is one of the marquee ways of recruiting? PROMOTIONAL VIDEOS!

    You may be asking: Why should I spend a lot of time and effort into making a promotional video? Well...that is a good question. But here are three excellent reasons:
    1. If you want FC to stay strong, then you need to put in the time and effort like the great leaders of the past and now did to make this community great! Why wouldn't you want to help out?
    2. SpartanBH (one of the original Founders of our community and still an active advisor for the War Council) will be giving away 800 Microsoft Points to the film editors of the top 3 promotional videos made.
    3. Everyone who participates in working on a video (whether they are acting, writing scripts, etc.) will be rewarded with a ribbon that will go above your avatar, and "safe" vCash! This vCash will be very special, and is worth much more than any other vCash anyone currently has to their name. You'll be one of the few with this!


    Before you get your capture cards and media editors rolling, we do need to lay down a few rules for the promotional videos:
    1. You can submit as many as you'd like, just make sure they are all well made.
    2. You can make the video for either the entire community as a whole, or solely for the recruitment for your army.
    3. Follow all rules in the Accords (i.e., watch the vulgarity).
    4. Explain and/or mention various rules of the community, especially respect. Additionally, mentioning things such as the age limit, no tea-bagging, battle nights, bootcamps, etc. may earn you brownie points.
    5. You may add as much humor as possible, but at the same time let them know we are still very serious and respectful.
    6. Make sure it looks presentable and professional. No spelling errors what-so-ever.
    7. All promotional videos MUST be submitted by October 22nd, 2012

    ALL RIGHT! SO IT'S BEEN SAID! GET TO WRITING, FILMING, AND ACTING NOW!!! If you need any help whatsoever then PLEASE just ask the War Council or SpartanBH (he was in a major Machinima group for 3 years). Please make good use of our forums and other forum sites as well to recruit film makers and actors!

    If you want to see some examples of both good and bad promotional videos, watch:

    You should be able to tell which ones you want to work toward, and which ones you want to steer away from.

    By the way, Warhorse was modified earlier today. A good number of changes happened. You can view a summary here, but I recommend looking over the map yourself. It appears it did not upload to my fileshare correctly earlier, but you'll be able to get it later in the morning.

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