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    Thirteen Hours...


    I hope you are all aware of what happens tonight or tomorrow morning. In case you didnt...


    Everyone should be nice and hyped for this. Thereís a lot going on, so be sure to check FC Update 6.5, where several people mentioned their livestreams of Halo 4. Also, check the Video Department subforums for more details.

    Also, quick reminder on the spoiler policy: donít start posting stuff about the campaign details or anything without spoiler warnings. The spoiler policy remains in effect for a month for those who wonít be getting the game on launch.

    Courtesy @CodyShaer

    As some of you may have noticed during the forum reorganization, I tweeted a slight hint to people.

    So, now the entirety of it can be revealed.

    Giving an extra-special thanks to GhostHammer, who has done an incredible job getting it all prepared so quickly, the lore and fiction surrounding the Forerunner Conflict community has been revamped and improved.

    As such, and since we want to make this part of the community more prominent, an entire forum category is being devoted to it. Hopefully this helps everyone become a bit more involved in that aspect of our community, be it the LARP, simply being aware of our backstory, or even writing your own story to be included in our lore!

    You can (and should) check it all out in the Community Details & Lore forum category.

    Quote Originally Posted by GhostHammer
    Letter From The Author

    If you were to tell me six and a half years ago that I would be writing such an important part of this community, I'd tell you to get your head checked out. When I joined this community in the summer of 2006, I had only done so the enjoy playing with an organized, fun, respectable group of people while simulating a galactic war. The concept was cool, and at a young fourteen, I was thrilled to be apart of it.

    Here we stand now, at the unveiling of the new Forerunner Conflict Lore and it's main story, Forerunner Conflict: A History of War.

    When writing this simple and smooth backstory to Forerunner Conflict, it struck me how important the Lore is for this community, even more than I had first thought. The Lore is the reason we are all here, why the R.E.D.D. and B.L.U.E. fight every Sunday. It is the rank you hold, the faction you serve, the color you display on your Halo Spartan. It is the face you put on when on these boards, and the voice you speak on Battle Nights. You are the lore, and I want to bring that to the forefront.

    With this new story and setup, small, detailed stories of the universe will always be appearing to satisfy those who require more. For those who would rather contribute, you also have the option to do so now, thus adding to the community for years to come.

    Forerunner Conflict: A History of War will continue the saga as you, the members live it. The battles you fight, the events in the community you partake in, and the name you make for yourself by benefiting the community, will all appear in our epic as time weaves onwards. The story will be determined by you Forerunner Conflict, you will determine how this story ends.

    It has been an honor and a pleasure to be asked and entrusted to write such an essential part of a community I have truly loved for the six plus years I've spent here. I look forward to seeing it progress onwards into the future. With my activity time becoming limited as I approach my deployment, I want to pass this along to you, the community, as a thank you for everything it has done for me.

    I offer one anecdote that struck me while writing these words. Learn The Lore. Live The Lore. Love The Lore.

    To you, the community, and the members, I officially would like to welcome you all to Forerunner Conflict: A History of War.

    Cody Shaer
    War Director
    Ever curious what Forerunner Conflict truly means? What REDD and BLUE are? What it represents in the Halo universe? Where it fits alongside the official Halo canon and how we integrate it alongside Halo 4?

    Well, GhostHammerís got you covered, and then some... And then some more... And heíll keep adding more...

    Some Contests

    To give you guys a bit of fun, I figured Iíd come up with some quick ways for you to earn vCash once the new vCash system is implemented later this week.

    1. Thereís a bit of a reference or easter egg in this thread. Itís really small, but for a special prize, the first 3 to fill out an vCash Bonus application using the following will get 1,000 vCash after the new system is implemented at the end of this week:
    • Reason: Other (Found Easter Egg)
    • What You Did: Event Winner
    • Describe What You Did: {state what the easter egg was}

    2. Lore Question (this most likely wonít be something you already knew, so start reading!). First 3 to answer will get 2,000 vCash (no one who is able to view WC forum can answer).
    Who led a B.L.U.E. Spartan strike force that managed to secretly infiltrated a special R.E.D.D. training center and barely escaped, successfully stealing some top-secret data from the Empire?
    For this one:
    • Reason: Other (Lore Question)
    • What You Did: Event Winner
    • Describe What You Did: {state the answer to the question}

    Good luck!

    And be sure to fill out applications for vCash Bonuses!!!


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