• FC:Rec0 Beta War Battle #04 (12/09/12)

    Two maps will be played this Sunday, December 9th, 2012:

    Exile (6v6 asymmetric)
    Solace (4v4 symmetric)

    Exile (6v6 symmetric)

    • Attacked by BLUE.
    • Will use the "Heavy" gametype set.
    • To be played FIRST.

    Solace (4v4 symmetric)

    • Attacked by REDD.
    • Will use the "regular" gametype set.
    • To be played SECOND.

    Gametypes will not be decided by the defending teams this week. Instead, to ensure we test out every gametype option, gametypes will be pre-determined and will be set up as follows:

    • Exile:
      • G01: H. Conflict
      • G02: H. Liberation
      • G03: H. Hill 30
      • G04,05: H. Asset
      • G06,07: H. Occupation
      • G08,09: H. Dominion
      • G10,11: H. Extraction

    • Solace:
      • G01: Conflict
      • G02: Liberation
      • G03,04: Hill 30
      • G05,06,07: Asset
      • G08,09: Occupation
      • G10,11,12: Executive
      • G13,14,15: Extraction

    NOTE: The gametypes more in need of testing are the ones that are being used in more games. For example, Conflict does not need much testing, but Executive and Extraction are still be adjusted.

    This week, we will be testing out a few gametype changes:

    • We'll keep the two sets of gametypes (one with heavier ordnance than the other).
    • Executive will no longer be included in the Heavy gametype set. This will be a gametype only used on smaller maps (opposite of how Dominion is only on larger maps).
    • Executive settings will be adjusted. Overshield set to 1.5x. Damage Resistance reset to default. Possible other changes. Didn't receive much feedback on this last week, so recommendations are welcome.
    • Extraction plant time reduced to 3 seconds (regular gametypes). Heavy gametype's conversion time increased to 3 seconds. Still fine-tuning this.
    • Heavy gametypes will now receive ordnance every 150 points instead of 100 (to make it be the same as for regular ordnance). The weightings will be adjusted a bit to make grenades less common and to improve balance in the ordnance options you receive.
    • Regular gametypes will also have ordnance adjusted slightly. Last week was pretty good, but there are some improvements I'm considering. (suggestions are welcome)
    • Other gametypes might end up getting some other modifications as well, depending on testing.

    Remember, the Battles start this Sunday, December 9th, 2012, at 6:00 PM EST. Be there.
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