• Introducing the Halo Interactive RPG!!!

    For several years now, I was a part of a website called Installation 07, in which we played a massive interactive story-based RPG that took place in the Halo Universe.
    The RPG featured heavy RTS elements, with an emphasis on story.

    As some of you have noticed, there's been a lot of topics posted up in the Creative Writing section of the forums for the past day and a half. A great deal of those topics have to do with "Shops" and "Rosters" and "Banks" and all that.

    Well, I'm going to let you all know what's up.

    We already do some of the sort of topics like that here on Forerunner Conflict's website (Read most of what's in the Creative Writing Forum), but I wanted to do something different, on a bigger scale, and so I sent a PM to Mythonian talking about my idea, and he set up all the forums required.

    In this RPG, anything can happen. The game takes place in the year 2531, just after the retaking of Harvest from the Covenant, and just before the battle of Sigma Octanus IV. The UNSC and the Covenant have been fighting for six years now, and the SPARTAN II's are beginning to see some frontline action.

    After that, anything goes. The Covenant can march all the way to Earth and burn it to the ground, or they can discover a Halo Ring and let loose the nightmare that is the Flood, or Master Chief can lead the charge into the Covenant territory and bring the Prophets to their knees. Whatever happens, is up to you guys.

    So here are the things that need to happen before the game can start:

    - Both the UNSC and the Covenant need a faction leader, which is someone who is in charge of their faction's finances and deployment.

    - Each faction needs at least one other player with which to roleplay.

    That's it! We've already had several people sign up, and more people express interest. The more folks that sign up, the more that can happen in the game.

    Sign up by creating a character here.

    If you want know more about how the game is played, the Guide Book Topic can be found here.

    If you want to go ahead and look at what an accepted character looks like, check here.

    Take a look at the shops here.
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