• An Update From MedeDust

    We the people at the MedeDust studio have been working hard to deliver the greatest experience in visual pleasure history. Zing.

    1. New Banner
    2. Warmap
    3. UserGroups
    4. Random Rant

    New Banner
    As most of you have already known; I have introduced a new design in our banner and background. Let me give some brief details on how this went down.

    I had already been conversating with some the old men in the Council about a fresh new banner. I took it upon myself to pretty much have them rely on me for any images for the site. After a few blueprints, I began to experiment directly on the site with the help of Myth. Obviously nobody noticed any of this going on. It started off being quite a few images at once and eventually I set it up so that its just one complete image loading. I think we stayed up till 5am the first night getting things to work but we pulled it off.

    Anyways a new banner should be up by the new year. Remember to feel free to suggest anything you want. I'm always open for creativity.

    For those of you who joined after our last war; the Warmap is what we use to set a path we must follow during the war. It's what adds the war-sim feel to the war. Basically I set up a map; I position the chosen maps picked out by your Field Marshals and connect them in a specific way. I also add some fun features here and there and include the perks. Each week myself or a specific person will update it after the results of the battle night have come in. You will understand more when you see it.

    This coming year, I am introducing a New but Old design. It's not just going to be an image file this time.

    If at any point you want to suggest something, feel free once again.

    I know you guys know what's coming.

    Congrats, you have won us over. I am currently working on 40 new images for you guys. Each Army Based Usergroup will now have a Rank Insignia on it as well. Yes this means Rank Based Usergroups, if you did not catch that.

    HOWEVER!!! I need your HELP!
    I lack the time to search for screenshots and right now searching for them will not work I have already used most of the ones on the internet. PLEASE take screenshots of matchmaking games of Blue or Red spartans and send them to instantly. The sooner I get enough screenshots, the sooner the new images will be released.

    I know I may come off a little blunt sometimes. That's just how I am. But I actually love you guys in a way. I wouldn't be doing all of this for free if I didn't. I don't think anybody would. I have never asked for pay and I never will. I love what I do here and always will, so long as I am given the opportunity.

    You must understand however, I am an art student, with a job, girlfriend, and a church freelance musician. My schedule is very tight at times and I get easily exhausted. Excuse me if I ever fail to deliver in time. I will always try to come through though.

    Another note; I am not majoring in Graphic Design. Nor has it ever been my job. I have only done this as a hobby for about 4-5 years. I say this in case any of you want to be critics. I will admit I am not real proffesional and there is people allot better than me. I draw, I'm a Game Art Student.

    Oh and just cause.

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