• FC Update 7.2

    FC Update 7.2

    Back From a Brief Vacation!

    February Banner and Background

    It's a couple days late, but MedeDust has once again redesigned our banner and website background. He put some extra time into it to completely redo it.

    Hope you guys like it!

    Over the next few days we may release a version for the Fluid skin, but at the moment it's just for the Fixed version. If you're not viewing it, click here to switch to the Socialize Fixed skin.

    War Continues This Sunday!

    Last Sunday, we had no battles due to the Superbowl. Congrats to the Ravens and all that. Hope you all had some fun and enjoyed the break from the battles.

    However, things are getting rolling again, and this Sunday battles will be fought by the full forces of both armies.

    The maps are Exile and Lockout, both asymmetric maps. Check out the Attack Plans for full details.

    Member Spotlight

    Just in case you missed it, our recent spotlight was over Graycochea.
    If you haven't already checked it out, it's a good read. I won't spoil it except take the following quote entirely out of context:
    I hate Star Wars and Darth Vader is a terrible char-
    Click here to go take a look over the Spotlight!

    Next Massive Livestream Event

    Just over a week ago, we had the first official livestream event, hosted by Metkil and Raz. They gave away lots of prizes.

    And pretty soon the next one is happening!
    Livestream Event #2
    Date: Febuary 17th, 2013 at 1PM EST until 11PM EST.
    Livestream Hosts: Metkil5685 and Raz Vader, Co-Host xEagleOne
    - Custom Game Lobbies hosted by Metkil5685 and Raz Vader
    - Drawings, prizes, and trivia
    -- Prize Pool:
    --- 10 x FCWars.net Stickers
    --- 1 x 800 MSP Code
    --- 1 x FC Poster Signed by War Council, Precursors/Forerunners, Web Admins, and Raz Vader aka Founder of FC

    You guys read that last correct. We are giving away a FC Poster designed by Eri himself. Along with that, we are going to have members of the current FC Management team sign the poster. A true collectible for any one here in the community.
    Check out full details in the Epic Livestream Events! thread.

    Reminder: vCash Bonuses

    So it seems very few people use the vCash Bonus application form, so I'm going to advertise it again.

    Not winning many vBookie Events? Do you want more vCash? Well, vCash Bonuses can be earned for a wide variety of things:
    • Bootcamp instructors get paid based on how many recruits they put through bootcamp.
    • Members get paid based on how many recruits they recruit (more active/involved recruits will earn that member additional vCash over time).
    • Many more Statbook rewards. In addition to the Top 10 (which will have more categories), we’ll do things in the Battle Results each week to anyone who achieved a variety of accomplishments (some difficult, some not so difficult).
    • More rewards for community involvement, such as helping with the Statbook, providing good feedback/suggestions to the community, being involved in the Media Branch (Forge Department [Forging/Testing], Web Department [Twitter/Facebook/RedBubble], and Video Department [Youtube/Livestreams]).
    • Doing individual work that indirectly benefits the community, such as doing GFX work (making sigs for people or doing GFX for FC itself). Also, people who write a story could be considered this, or other things.

    To apply for one of these vCash Bonuses, go here and follow the instructions. It's quite simple.

    Adjusting Gametypes

    Throughout the last week or so, we've been discussing and testing modifications to our gametypes. This was spurred by member suggestions, and we're trying to find a compromise that helps everyone have more fun and enjoy the games they play.

    These are not final yet, and are still being tested. If you are interested in helping to test them, giving your feedback, and getting a sneak preview at the settings you might be playing with for the future, we'll be testing them tonight at 9:00 PM EST, and Thursday at 9:00 PM EST. After that, we'll make a final decision about what settings will be used for this week's battles.

    A summary of changes that might be made (none are final):
    • For small games (4v4 and a few 6v6 maps):
      • The secondary weapon will be forced to be a Magnum.
      • Boltshots and Plasma Pistols will be placed on the maps.
      • Personal Ordnance will be earned every 150 points.
      • Sniper Rifles and Rocket Launchers will be removed from Ordnance.
      • Boltshots and Plasma Pistols will be added to the Ordnance.

    • For large games (8v8 and some 6v6 maps):
      • You are free to use whatever secondary you wish (this also allows for Firepower usage).
      • Ordnance will be earned every 150 points for Conflict and Liberation gametypes.
      • Ordnance will be earned every 200 points for Hill 30, Asset, Occupation, Dominion, and Extraction gametypes.
      • Weapons received from Ordnance may vary based on gametype (for example, Dominion has no Snipers/Rockets in Ordnance since you can get them from base resupplying).

    So try to be at the testing sessions (Today and Thursday at 9:00 PM EST) and help us make sure these gametypes work well. We'll also be ensuring the maps (Lockout and Exile) work properly and are balanced.

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