• VERY Important Security Announcement!

    Hello to all of our FC Members!

    It has come to our recent attention that there is an individual scamming people within our community by asking for their credit card numbers.

    His name is Talha Javaid, and has used the following gamertags...
    II Ramza II

    His board accounts are as follows...

    His accounts have been banned from the boards, and we are ensuring that our IP Scanners are ensuring he does not return. You can be asured that the FC Admin team will be watching for him closely, as well as following up with appropriate actions with the outside authorities if at all possible.

    PLEASE KEEP YOU PERSONAL INFORMATION TO YOURSELF! No one on the Admin team will never ask for your personal information such as credit card numbers, address, bank statements etc.

    Please ensure you pass this warning off to your fellow FC Members! We have also posted this on our Facebook page!

    Enjoy battles tonight!

    Admin Team
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