• FC Update 7.5

    Warmap and Ribbons

    FC Update 7.5

    Map Selection Process

    If you don't care about how we chose the maps, go ahead and skip to the next section.

    For those that are still reading and paid attention earlier today, we had a long livestream for most of the day at our official Twitch.tv account http://www.twitch.tv/ForerunnerConflict where we ended up livestreaming the official map selection process. (For the record I plan on streaming a lot more in the future, both at the official Twitch.tv account above and my personal one, linked in my sig)

    Basically, the High Commands from each side get together in a game and we start placing down maps in different areas, and then after that begin placing Brigades down.

    Part 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Is3UDfEy7s (embedded above)
    Part 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DHbA7Z5hruM
    Part 3: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uUPSiEGDp4M

    It's definitely not the most exciting stuff, but for those interested in seeing just a little bit of what getting a war started entails, feel free to check it out. Some of you guys may end up getting involved in that later on.

    Map of the War

    Only a few short hours ago, myself and various High Command and Officers from both armies met together and finalized the maps that will be used in the upcoming war.

    Just a reminder: the war begins on Sunday, March 24th, 2013, at 6:00 PM EST. Be there.

    Here is the full list of maps, divided by size:

    The Pit
    And to make things even better, MedeDust almost has the Warmap mostly done:(It's still a work in progress, not totally finished yet)

    NOTE: The maps won't be on my fileshare for a bit. Now that the maps are finalized, the Forge Department will begin meeting again to work on the maps.

    New Ribbons

    Ever since we installed a new method to give out awards and ribbons, we've been working on these. And now Mededust has finished the hard work and you guys now have some more goals to work toward!
    Ribbon Description
    Field Marshal
    Become the leader of a faction. Includes Field Marshal and the previous 5-Star General positions.
    High Command Earn a place in the High Command of a faction.
    Distinguished Service Remain active in the same faction for three consecutive wars.
    Undying Loyalty Remain active in the same faction for five consecutive wars. Replaces Distinguished Service award.
    Decorated Soldier Actively participate in factions while your side wins three wars.
    War Veteran Actively participate in factions while your side wins five wars. Replaces Decorated Soldier award.
    War Hero Actively participate in factions while your side wins seven wars. Replaces War Veteran award.
    Statbook Intern Actively participate in the Statbook throughout an entire war.
    Statbook Volunteer Actively participate in the Statbook throughout three entire wars.
    Statbook Veteran Actively participate in the Statbook throughout five entire wars.
    Forger Actively participate in the Forge Department activities throughout an entire war.
    Graphics Artist Awarded to individuals who have consistantly created many graphics used for the website. Replaces Graphics award.
    Videographer Awarded to individuals who have consistantly created many videos to promote the community. Replaced Machinima award.
    Coming Soon
    Turncoat Switch to the opposing faction during a peacetime after serving for a full war in the original faction.
    Coming Soon
    Mercenary After serving for a full war in both factions, switch again to the other faction. Replaces Turncoat.
    Coming Soon
    Double Agent After serving for two full wars in both factions, switch again to the other faction. Replaces Mercenary.
    You can apply for all of the new ribbons here: http://fcwars.net/forums/awards.php

    In addition to the new ribbons above, a few of the older ones have been given a bit of a face lift by Mededust:
    Old Image
    New Image
    1 Year of Service
    2 Years of Service


    So I know a few of you are already involved in this, but here's the formal announcement.

    http://www.halounity.com/ is a collection for a huge variety of Halo communities, ranging from large to small, such as HBO, ForgeHub, Halo Tracker, /r/Halo, and many more.

    It acts as a hub between all these communities, a way to spread news and events, and can end up being a fantastic way to spread the FC name and find some interested recruits.

    However, new or small communities can't simply add their name to the list, there are some prerequisites. We need at least 50 members of our community to register on HaloUnity representing FC. We then can apply to be an official community and our leaders will be granted special privileges.

    So head on over to http://www.halounity.com/ and register an account. Then go to their Forums' "Welcome Wagon" area and post an introduction thread. It's something that will only take a minute or two, and it'd be directly helping out the entire community.

    Let's go swarm their forums for a bit, shall we?

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