• It is no war, It is a way of LIFE!

    Good morning to all the unwashed masses, the soldiers in the trench, and the fatcats in high command.

    This has been a long time coming, The R.E.D.D and B.L.U.E high commands have transcended the good taste of a gentleman's war, of the friendly skirmish. It seems that no matter where anyone goes in the FC, family, dramatics and nonsense follow shortly thereafter!

    Until Now, I am here to unite all peoples, I am here to turn the atmosphere of the wars from a tense, gritty battle. to a nonchalant night of eating Dennys with your best buds.

    I am here to announce the Forming of a new army.......Boys,girls, and everyone in between.......WELCOME TO P.U.R.P.L.E

    for the

    We live as a family, one big united family! I am the Field Marshall of this new Revolution, and together, we will make some real changes for the better!
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