• The Official Forerunner Conflict Salvation Army

    You see, there comes a time in every gamer's life where their Live subscription runs out. Due to money issues, family issues, or life in general it may be impossible for them to restore their subscription for some time. Losing your Live while immersed in a community like this just sucks; no events, no practices, no Battle Nights.

    But Gunny and I want to change that.

    Many times people are just given XBox live codes. Monthly ones, 2 week ones, 48 hour ones. These codes come in new games, contests and damn near everywhere. Now, if you're like most, you don't use these. They just kinda sit there, going to waste, collecting dust. Now is the time to break that habit and do something great with what you were given.

    If you have any XBox Live codes you do not want/need, PLEASE donate them. Send the code in a private message to either Gunny or Yours Truly. We will store these in a listed database and give them to those who rightfully apply for them.

    Now, I can understand any concerns. "How do I know you guys won't use them? How can we trust others? Won't people abuse this?" To all those I can only say that we will do our best to prevent that. I can assure you that you do not need to worry about Gunny or I stealing these codes; we just recently renewed our yearly subscriptions. But overall, we need to put these worries aside.

    We must trust each other if we are to really be a community.

    So with that, here are the procedures:

    Here is the form to be filled out and sent to either Gunny or Myself for code submission:
    Length of Live Subscription on Code:

    Here is the form to be filled out and sent to either Gunny of Myself to request a code:

    Reason for Needing a Code:
    How Long Until You Can Restore Live:

    I know this community has what it takes to ascend to even greater heights and part of that is looking out for your fellow gamer. Let's all do our best to ensure this community is a caring place that looks out for one another.
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