• 117 Challenge by HaloUnity

    The Halo Unity challenge is to get 117 members to add their name below. Every name is worth $1 donation to your site to a max of 117 names = $117.
    The first 117 Challenge goes to the Forerunner Conflict. For every name below i will donate 1 to a max of 117 to their amazing Salvation Army event.

    The Challenge starts today Wednesday 24th April at 8pm and ends in 100 hours and 17 minutes = Monday 29th April at 12.17am GMT.

    -hc knanibear

    CLICK HERE TO SUBMIT YOUR NAME! You must COMMENT ON THE News Section! That's it!

    If you are not signed up on HaloUnity Go sign up! Make sure you add Forerunner Conflict in your community involvement! Help Support the Salvation Army!
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