• Battle Night Challenge Department

    With the recent introduction of Battle Night Challenges, it has been decided that instead of these being determined by the War Council or a single other individual, we'll create a group of community members who'll be charged with the task of devising these challenges and their appropriate rewards each week.

    • Each week, the members of this department will be told of the maps that will be played early.
    • Using this information, they will devise specific challenges compatible with the maps and our gametypes.
    • They are expected to come up with 4-6 challenges, preferably each unique and independent of the others, featuring a wide variety of gametypes and playstyles.
    • These challenges will then be submitted to the War Director for approval, and will then be included in the Attack Plans each week. (will also be posted in this subforum with a thread)
    • Members will be paid vCash for their services (but don't expect to get rich, the Statbook guys will get more than you).

    So for those who care enough, reply with the following:
    Skype Name -
    Wars Played In -
    Why I'm better than these other applicants -
    Other comments -
    NOTE: Being active on Skype is a requirement. Also, you only get paid if you actively contribute.

    Maximum of 5 members. Only accepting people who have actively participated in at least 2 wars.
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