• FC:Rec2 Challenges #07 (05/26/13)

    Here are the Battle Night Challenges for this week.

    1. All Your Base
    2. Lock it Down
    3. Power Pulse
    4. Samuel L. JACKson
    5. Hammer Time

    Exile (8v8 Sym)
    Guardian (4v4 Asym)

    If you have any questions or comments please post them here.

    Battle Night Challenges:
    1. All Your Base... - Earn a Base Conqueror medal by initiating 5 successful base captures in a Dominion game on Exile. (1000 vCash)
    2. Lock it Down - Earn a Security Chief medal by reclaiming 5 contested bases in a Dominion game on Exile. (1000 vCash)
    3. Power Pulse - Get 3 kills with a Pulse Grenade in a single match. (800 vCash)
    4. Samuel L. JACKson - Earn a Skyjack medal on Exile. (750 vCash)
    5. Hammer Time - Get 10 kills with the Gravity Hammer in a single match on Guardian. (500 vCash)

    If you complete a Battle Night Challenge this week, don't forget to submit them here.
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